Chemtatpa/ The blade sharpener

Published on October 12, 2003

By Tintong Kuki

October 13, 2003: One of the children favourite Kuki folklores, which have been timeless philosophical meaning as well as having practical implication, is the ‘Blade Sharpener’ (ChemTat Pa Thusim).

One day, the blade sharpener sharpened his knife over the surface of hard stone in a running brook. The peeping shrimp under the water saw roasted meat (the man’s dud) of the man. Thinking and expecting for worthwhile for a good taste, the Shrimp lost the lingering temptation and leap to slice off the meat ball. The man jerked and jumped up due to intense pain and slashes the tip of bamboo shoot, which in turn perched the ear of wild cock (Ahpa). The pain in the ear deafens the wild cock and he in anger began to scratch the ground laboriously. The venomenous black ant scuttled around as their peaceful abode was rendered homeless and bit the soft skin navel of the resting wild boar.

The wild boar interacted quickly because of the pinching pain and he in his anger shook the trees and grass around helter-skelter that awoke the sleeping bat. The homeless bat took shelter in the big shady ear of the giant elephant. The elephant felt the itching disturbance and moved cyclical motion so that the foreign element in his ear might felt off. In the course of the elephant struggle, the widow house was trampled and smashed. The widow rushed up to the water spring and pissed publicly to show her solidarity, deep anger and helplessness to the world. The whole village came to accuse her for disgracing public water service.

The village chief council called the widow and asked: Why do you behave like this? She venomed her anger and blamed the elephant for smashing her home, that’s why she did that. The elephant was asked the same question and he blamed the Bat for disturbing his peaceful sleep and that’s why he did that. The blame goes on to one another and at last came to Mr. Shrimp. The Shrimp admitted his fault and he was punished to “half-baked” and thrown into the sea.

In the sea he sings and dances for his witty idea that had won the game. Yet the onlookers threw pebble of stones on him that maimed him to bend in all his life and his generations.
Philosophical Insight:
Watch your action, otherwise your action accounts your future and generations’ fate.

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