Jubilee KUT celebration at Moreh – 2003

Published on November 8, 2003

Jubilee KUT celebration at Moreh – 2003

By Nehkholien Haokip

November 9, 2003

Kut, the biggest festival of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo tribes was peacefully concluded with a theme to promote communal harmony, love and peaceful co-existence with all communities. Kut festival even attracts foreigners.

On 31st October, we set out for Kut festival celebration at Moreh a long with friends of mine namely Helun and Jangmang, both are working in Kuki monthly magazines such as Lhangsam and Jingvalpa. What surprised me is that all the line buses and Tata Sumo plying between Imphal to Moreh were full of Kutters. Most of the buses and Tata Sumo were also booked in advance by the Kutters; we were really busy. Searching for 4 hours, at last we found a white Tata Sumo (somehow ill fated) to travel.Miss KUT 2003 (centre) and 1st and 2nd runners-up 

At 8 am, we started traveling towards Moreh. At 10 am, we reached Pallel and had our morning meal. Moreh, the commercial capital of Manipur lies at Myanmar (Burma) border in Chandel district, which is 109 kilometers from Imphal, the state capital. After having meal at Pallel, we proceeded toward Moreh. There was full of security forces a long the National Highway for Kut festival celebration.

The security forces asked us if we were for Kut festival, and wished us a happy Kut festival celebration speaking in a frankly way. At about 2:30 pm, we reached Moreh. As soon as we reached Moreh, we started searching for hotel lodging. Loo! that most of the hotels were also advanced booking again. At last, we found one hotel called Emoinu hotel at the heart of Moreh bazar. While in Moreh one can get surprised by the way how different communities live in peaceful co-existence which comprises of Tamils, Muslims, Gurkhas and the Chin-Kuki-Mizo tribes that are in ecosystem.

At Moreh, there is a prospect of businesses. At Namphalong market one can find foreign goods that are products of  China, Japan, Myanmar, Taiwan and Thailand. When the sun rises in the east, the rays of the sun shines the Chin-Kuki-Mizo, then comes the biggest festival Kut, a time to rejoice, forget the past enemy, merry-making, to show their cultural solidarity to promote good will toward neighbors and a time to thank God for good harvesting and as well as to have assembly session for the coming year.
On first November, Galngam Lentol, Moreh, the celebration of the Silver Jubilee Kut celebration begins by blowing Pengkul (trumpet) to VIPs followed by Thalkap (shooting gun in the air) and opening prayer by CLF Moreh, then preceded by two minutes silence in remembrance of departed Kut leaders such as (L) Pu Major S. Kipgen, (L) Pu Lalkholun Thanggeo, (L) Pu Thangkhanlal Zou and (L) Pu LM Haokip, welcome speech by Kut chairman Pu Onjamang Haokip Ex-MOS (PHED) followed by Kut song by the Kut band.

The Kut programme divided into two sessions – Noon and Evening. In the noon session of the programme, Pu Phungzathang Tonsing, hon’ble minister (POWER) as the chief guest, Pu Gaikhanngam, hon’ble minister (WORKS) as guest of honour and Pu DK Korunthang, hon’ble MOS (Ind/Social Welfare) as functional president. The chief guest Pu Phungzathang Tonsing in his address gave a brief background of modern Kut festival and observed that one of the main objectives of state level Kut festival is the promotion of love and peace among the multi-communities and went on to say that all people belonging to all communities of the state are one and should work for the state development in all fronts. He donated a sum of Rs. 50,000 for the Silver Jubilee Kut celebration. The functional president also donated a sum of 10,000 to the organizing Kut committee.

Wa!…….Wa!……..Clap!………Clap!………Clap!…one of the Kuki famous melodious singers Pu Ngam Bom Zou appeared on the stage, singing a song “Nei kichen pi leh Imphal bazar a nadei dei kachoh peh ding, saipi jong ka vetsah ding, zoo jong ka vetsah ding” which in English version means “If you marry me, I will take you to Imphal bazar, buy you what you wish…let you see the statue of elephant at Samumakhong and even zoo.” The Kutters shouted “Pu Ngam Bom na bolchoh-e” which means “Pu Ngam Bom you sing well.” The song was followed by cultural dances performed not only by Chin-Kuki_Mizo, but also Meetei, Tamil, Gurkha and Muslim cultural troupes performing their beautiful and heritage cultures. The Chin-Kuki-Mizo tribes who performed their beautiful cultural dances at the Kut festival are;

(1) Aimol Cultural Troupe (performing Aithim Lum)
(2) Chin Cultural Troupe
(3) Chothe Cultural Troupe (performing chun bang festival dance)
(4) Hmar Cultural Troupe (Sinlung Lam)
(5) Lamkang Cultural Troupe
(6) Maring Cultural Troupe (performing war dance)
(7) Mizo Cultural Troupe (performing suhta lam/ Bamboo dance)
(8) Tarao Cultural Troupe (performing Inlut na Lam)
(9) Thadou Cultural Troupe (performing Ngambom le Khupting Lam)
(10) Vaiphei Cultural Troupe (performing khovaiphei kondoh na Lam)
(11) Paite Cultural Troupe (performing the last rites of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo)
(12) Zou Cultural Troupe (performing Khul Kon Lam)

Well…all the Chin-Kuki-Mizo cultural dances signified the ceremonies of oneness and the same origin and have the same linguistic affinity to one another since ancient period, to modern days. In the evening session, Pu K. Govindas, hon’ble minister (PHED), Pu N. Biren Singh, hon’ble MOS (VIG/Plan) and Pu BD Behring, hon’ble MLA Chandel A/C were chief guest, guest of honour and functional president respectively. The chief guest asserted that although Kut festival belongs to Chin-Kuki-Mizo tribes, it is the festival of all the state communities of Manipur and went on to say that SPF government headed by Okram Ibobi is the government of the peoples and should work for the people in all round developments of the state.


Pu T. Manga Vaiphei, hon’ble minister (transport) also spoke about the needs for togetherness of all the communities ( in a nutshell..). In the evening session much awaited by every Kutter and the most exciting of the festival, Miss Kut contest, 19th beautiful damsels appeared on the stage one after one in the first round. For the first time in modern Kut festival, a lot of Kuki ladies from Myanmar participated in the most coveted Miss Kut crown contest, brought from Thailand for the Silver Jubilee Kut celebration (1979-2003) at Moreh.

Among the 19th lady contestants for the Miss Kut, a 19th year old and a student of B.Sc 1st year, studying at Presidency college, Motbung, Sadar hills and a residence of Kangpokpi, Miss Chinneihoi Neihshial @ Neneo was crowned SILVER JUBILEE MISS KUT OF 2003 AND WALKED AWAY WITH A CASH PRIZE OF RS 25,000/, donated by Pu Ngamthang Haokip, hon’ble minister of TD & Hills.

In the last IQ round, the judges asked to Miss Chinneihoi Neihshial, to win the most coveted Miss Kut crown is:

Q. Given a chance to choose among the two i.e., P.M. and Miss World, which one would you choose and why?

Ans. Chinneihoi Neihshial: Well, no doubt, I like Miss World because this is my line but on the other hand, I would prefer P.M for I would like to work for the betterment of our country and wants to resolve communalism and regionalism so that each one of us could lead a perfect life.


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