Poem about the Kuki

Published on August 23, 2004

Poem about the Kuki

By Ngamkholal Kuki


August 24, 2004


 Ngamkholal Kuki
 Ngamkholal Kuki




Men may come and go;

The Kuki will come and go.

Birds may sing and dance;


            The Kuki will sing and dance. 

            Flowers have its colors.

            The Kuki has its color;

            Bees suck and knit the honey comb;

The Kuki will re-organize its broken home.

The Sun shines and gives light;

The Kuki shines and gives light.

The star twinkles;


            The Kuki twinkles
            Ice changes into water;

            The Kuki changes not.

            Weather may change;


The Kuki changes not.
Reptiles change their colors;

But the Kuki does not change.

Flower blooms and fades;
But the Kuki stands forever.


            People hated Jesus of Nazareth;

            People hated Kuki;

            Jesus was crucified by His relatives, the Jews;

            The Kuki was crucified by his relatives.


Jesus was resurrected;

The Kuki was resurrected.

Jesus won the battlefield; 

The Kuki will win the battlefield soon.