2004 KUT celebration in the United Kingdom

Published on September 5, 2004

2004 KUT celebration in the United Kingdom

By Chonminlien Gangte

September 6, 2004: Six years ago KUT – the the biggest festival of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo tribes was first celebrated in United Kingdom. Ever since it has been a yearly event for all the KUT celebrating community here in the UK. As a matter of fact KUT celebration has been better and better with its growing members. This year was even better and it was a celebration hosted by Pu Kamal and Sally Khosla at their residence in Horsham on the 29th of August 2004. Worth the wait said a Kutter.Group photo at the KUT festival

Yes, it is true. We didn’t have the Thalkap (shooting gun) or blowing Pengkul (trumpet) but it was for us a time for rejoicing, happiness, to share our cultural heritage and to promote good will among ourselves and indeed we thanked God for a good year and all the blessings he has bestowed upon us and our nation. Anyway, we started our celebration by choosing our own Miss KUT and the title was given to Miss Monica Haokip  and Pu Tony Litt was our KUT Pa of the year 2004 which was followed by a short time of Lenkhom (Sing Song session) singing some popular numbers from Lathah Bu.

A wonderful time of singing together and a rather nostalgic moment especially for Nu Tinnu who couldn’t stop wishing she was in Chiengkonpang.  To make the celebration more authentic, Pu P. K. Telien led us in a short session of the ever popular Li..Li..Li…Li…Li.. Ho…Ho..Ho…Ho..Ho.. followed by a delicious Punjabi cuisine with rice and a hot Malcha me (bought all the way from Tottenham) by Pi Kim Telien. After the KUT meal, we had our main meeting for the coming year KUT 2005.

After quite a while of opinion coming from different sides, all the members present came to a decision to let Rev. Zamhao host the next KUT 2005 at his residence (details of address to be intimated later).

Southampton to be the standby venue in case of any emergency. Everyone to pull in with food and beverages on the day. It has also been decided to have the next KUT 2005 on August last bank holiday Sunday which is on the 28th of the month. The programme will  start at 2:30 pm in the afternoon.

It was also agreed that we have a small committee members who will have the overall responsibilities for KUT celebrations. So, Pi Kim Telien was proposed as the Chairman of the KUT committee. She agreed to this and she was appointed to be Chairman of KUT celebration 2005. Mr. Chonminlien Gangte was appointed as the Secretary  and Pi. Sally Khosla was appointed as the treasurer.
This was followed by another lively session of Lenkhom. This time a mixture of Lenkhom La and a few Thadou country songs. The highlight was Jimmy Lamboi’s number “Theisen Neolai in selungin” by Rev. David Haokip and Gl. Chonminlien Gangte. Pi. Nancy Litt couldn’t stop singing “Tolthing Sahei nahi” also another Jimmy Lamboi’s number. The celebration went on till late and to the next morning. Hard to leave behind a lovely time we had together, we all went our ways after filling ourselves with another Punjabi delicacy. This time its “Aloo Puri” with pickles.

We had a great time together and we would like to extend our heartiest gratitude to Pu Kamal and Pi Sally Khosla for their hospitality, their commitment and for being a wonderful host with such a short notice.  For some the celebration would have been a small one but for all of us it was big enough, important and an international event where we’ve come together with one mind and one heart and where we can be ourselves.

It was KUT at its best. It was a privilege to have Micheal and Kamala Jevon, their daughter Emma and Lorraine Jevon. Good to see them joining in and making it a fun time for all of us. We hope to see you again next year! As we all look forward to KUT 2005, it is our prayer that God will be with us through the year. May He bless our friendship, unity, commitment and give us love for one another and understanding amongst us!