Christmas & New Year celebration in Bangalore

Published on January 4, 2005

By Letlal Haokip

January 4, 2005: Kukis in Bangalore celebrated Christmas on 25th December 2004 organized by Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore at Karnataka Rehabilitation Centre (KRC), Doddagubbi Post, Bangalore. KRC is 17 Kms away from the city and has beautiful garden along with a vineyard, children’s park and mini zoo for the children.  Around 161 people including children came for the celebration. The children enjoyed tremendously as they have the whole compound to play and thus did not disturb the parents.  The program was divided into two sessions.  First session was Church service and the second session was “Lenkhom (social gathering)” and gift exchange.

The first session was led by Mr. Immanuel Khongsai and the second session by Mr. Lunkholen Haokip, Chongpi Kipgen and Mamang Singsit. The theme was “…Prince of Peace.” (Is.9:6). The Speaker for the day was Mr. Letlal Haokip and his message was on joy, love and peace. He encouraged the listeners that true joy, peace and love could be found only when people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior because He is the real Prince of Peace.  We spiced up our Christmas with a big feast consisting of delicious pork, chicken along with salad and boiled vegetables. The program started exactly at 11:00 am and finished at 5:00pm. The Director of KRC, Mr. George also gave an exhortation speech and wished everyone very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. He enjoyed our songs so much that he requested us to present kuki gospel songs to KRC.

New Year Celebration

Kuki Worship Service, Bangalore organized New Year Celebration at Berean Baptist Bible College and Seminary at Richmond Town on 2nd January 05. It is the first time in the history of KWSB that a New Year celebration is being organized along with a feast. More than 150 young people turned up for the celebration. The program was led by Mr. Samuel Gangte and Henminlun Khongsai. Opening prayer was led by Pi. Kimpi. The program was dominated by “Lenkhom” and grand sale which was led by Mr. Thangminlen Misao and Mr. Immanuel Khongsai. The exhortation speeches were given by Pu. L.T Kuki and Pu. Thangboi Hangsing. Mr. Henminlun also presented a paper ‘Leadership’.

Mr.Boilal Gangte and Pu. L.T Kuki contributed Rs. 2000 and Rs. 1000 respectively which enabled the participants to have a grand Feast of ‘vohsa sijou mepoh’, ‘uisa’, chicken, salad and cold drink.  The program started at 12 pm and ended at 5:30 pm. The event came to an end with a word of prayer offered by Pi Pinky, wife of Pu. Letlal. One of the good things of Bangalorean  Kukis is that we started programs on time and end on time which is commendable in a society which is not time -oriented but event- oriented. Kudos to God and to everyone who made the events a great success!