Journey in the wilderness

Published on March 15, 2005

By H. Doungel

March 16, 2005: Israelites, the chosen race of God were in Egypt groaning under the regime of the king who did not know who Joseph was. The once prosperous and greatly multiplied people of Israel was afflicted with heavy burdens by their taskmasters . the oppressed people then cried out to the Lord and God heard them and delivered them through the hands of Moses and Aaron.

What made the Israelites cry? They cried for their taskmasters made their life bitter with hard bondage. They were tortured and suffered the pains of humiliations. Today our people cry for we are mercilessly killed, we cry for the lost of our fathers and mothers, we cry for our daughters, sons and dear ones, we cry for the injustice done to our people. our women are rape and molested,. our children  debarred form enjoying the life of bliss. We cry for recognition in our own land where we are termed “refugees.”

The Kukis today passed the same route of wilderness. We grumble and distrust one another. We don’t even trust and respect our leaders . We fight amongst ourselves, fight for our own separate identities and in the process we fail to see that our land have been invaded by the enemies. We cry for justice, while we ourselves have no justice in us. We say we are fighting for our people’s liberation, but only few know what is liberation and the path that they undertake . We let the gun totter without caring much for diplomacy. We often  forget it is pen that is mightier than sword.                                      

An opportunity was offered to us to unite and strive for a common goal. But we missed it . We can’t rule out the fact that this opportunity will come again but with a greater force at the cost of many precious human lives. Today our religious leaders focus much on the spiritual aspects of life some even ignore the physical aspects. But when we look through the Bible, we find that generation after generation God promised to give “land” to his people, to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob. This promise was then fulfilled in Exodus where Moses played the main role liberation.

When the Israelites were carried away to Babylon in captivity they could not sing praises to God for the land was a foreign land. They longed for Jerusalem and it was in Jerusalem that they sing praises to God. In a land where we are termed as refugees, in the land where our people moan, how can we sing the lord’s songs to our hearts content? Our journey in the wilderness may be tedious but as the Lord lead his people by a pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night so will the Lord lead us towards our goal of freedom if only we cry out to him and unite ourselves. Let not the preachers neglect to pray for  his nation nor men in arms boast of their fire power. It is in the hand of God to grand us a place where we can call our own and glorify His name.