Kuki Worship Service, Pune “Som-Inn”

Published on April 24, 2005

By Rev. J. Lamboi Haokip

April 24, 2004: In a significant development in the Kuki community of Maharashtra state in India, opening of a “Discipleship Centre (Som-Inn)” was materialized after years of consideration. “Som,” which is the symbol of a holistic training centre for the Kuki people, has been an unforgotten culture. The Centre, with the total budget of Rs. 1, 16,000, is to initially begin with a rented building at the start of June 2005 Academic Session. About 200 students and 4 families are living in the city with the aim of achieving their varied destined goals.

 Below is the highlight of the required materials to jump-start the project:


10 nos.

Rs. 1500/-


5 nos. 

Rs. 600/-


30 nos.

Rs. 400/-


20 nos.

Rs. 300/-



Rs. 5000/-



Rs. 9000/-



Rs. 30,000/-

Steel Almirah 


Rs. 6000/-

Deposit for House/Flat


Rs. 30,000/-






A Discipleship Centre

KWS Pune Som-Inn is a discipleship center. The primary goal is to foster the holistic growth and maturity among the Christian university students.



1. To impart Christian teaching and values while the students are pursuing their studies

2. To challenge students to raise a testimony for Christ in their studies and lifestyles

3. To develop awareness among students about their responsibility toward the church and society


1. To help students cultivate a healthy approach to regular studies and mastery of their chosen subjects

2. To encourage students to discover their gifts and talents, which in turn would help them in their   responding to the challenges of the society


1. To develop a sense of oneness among the students, to foster healthy relationships among them

2. To promote awareness of realities and issues of the present day society

3. To seek to maintain links and peaceful coexistence with others


1. The facility will be called Pune Som-Inn.

2. The Som-Inn will be managed by the Managing Board set up by the KWS Pune. The Board may review the rules and recommend amendments in keeping with the aims and goals of the Som-Inn.

3. In the initial stage the Som-Inn will accommodate boys only


1. The Resident Discipler will supervise the proper functioning of the Som-Inn

2. The Resident Discipler will be fully responsible to implement the rules and regulations.


1. The prefect will be appointed from the member for a term of six months to assist the Resident Discipler in the implementation of the rules and regulations of the Som-Inn.

2. The prefect will represent the members’ view to the resident discipler.

3. The prefect will represent the members of the Som-Inn to outside activities.


1. They will participate in all the Som-Inn activities.

2. They will maintain the cleanliness of the facilities.

3. They will participate in the activities of the KWS/KSO Pune.

4. They are encouraged to involve in the activities of other organizations/churches etc. as and when necessary


1. Since the Som-Inn is primarily for training and not merely for solving accommodation problem, priority will be given to students who are committed to following Jesus Christ and who bear good personal testimony with strong ambition.

2. Admission to the Som-Inn will be made on the basis of interview of the candidates by the managing Board.

3. Admission will be given only to those who are bona-fide students of accredited colleges and universities in Pune.

4. Each prospective member must read the rules and regulations and agree to abide by them before final admission is granted.

5. The members must apply for fresh admission after every academic session. A session is from June to May

6. Health Certificate must be produced after check up by a medical doctor. Student with any infectious disease or having failing health may be rejected as they may be a health hazard to other members and also impede the normal running of the Som-Inn program.

7. A Recommendation letter from the pastor and any concerned Village Authority of the student is mandatory. This must be submitted along with the application form during admission.


Physical and Social Development: For the physical and social development of each member, regular physical exercise, sports, community works and social activities will be emphasized. There will be social work once a month. Each student will be given opportunities for his personal development. The Kitchen will be managed by the students themselves. Each member will get an opportunity to manage the kitchen for a month (with other members).

Mental Development:

Study Hours: There will be a set regular time schedule specifically for studies during which members will be urged to concentrate on their academic responsibilities. Members are expected to strictly observe the study hours and to be careful not to disturb others. Workshop and Seminar: There will be workshops and seminars on relevant topics which will help the students to apply their formal education to everyday life.

Spiritual Development:

Devotion: Each member is required to maintain a daily quite time. In addition to this there will be regular group devotions at nights.

Bible Study: There will be regular weekly Bible study, which every member must attend and be an active participant.

Outreach: The members will be part of KWS Pune outreach programs.


Monthly fee for each student is 1500/ which is inclusive of food, accommodation and facilities. A caution deposit of Rs 1500/ refundable is to be paid at the time of admission. Fees should be paid on or before the 10th of every month.


1. Every member must maintain cleanliness of the Som-Inn.

2. Extra cooking is not allowed in the kitchen except on genuine cases of sickness.

3. Indulging in harmful habits such as smoking, drinking of intoxicants, chewing betel nuts, pan/gutkha/tobacco and abuse of drugs are strictly prohibited.

4. No visitor will be entertained after 9pm.

5. Visitors should be entertained only in the common room.

6. All should be in the Som-Inn by 11pm.

7. There will be a daily group devotion at 9pm.

8. Any member who drops out of the Som-Inn halfway will forfeit their caution deposit.

9. All the members of the Som-Inn must be diligent in their studies and those who fail to succeed in their annual examinations will forfeit their seat at the Som-Inn.

10. Any member who does not uphold the dignity of the Som-Inn and fails to comply with these articles will be dismissed from the Som-Inn after warning. Such decision will be reached after consultation between the Som-Inn Discipler and the managing Board. Dismissal from the Som-Inn will not entitle the member for any refund.


Donation can be sent by Money Order/ Demand Draft/ Cash to the following listings:

i) Money Order (MO) : Som-Inn. C/o Rev. J Lamboi Haokip (Add: UBS).
ii) Demand Draft: in Favour of ‘Kuki Worship Service’ payable at Pune
iii) Cash: Any member of the Committee

KWS Pune Som-Inn Committee

Rev. J Lamboi Haokip (Registrar, UBS), Convener (020-24230035)        

Pu.Kammang Lhouvum (IDES, Ahmednagar), Member (09422727785)

Gl. D. Lalboi Haokip (Chaplain, BBTC), Member (09423215640)

Gl. T. Lalboi Haokip (MSW), Member (09890437604)

Gl. Paolenthang Khongsai, (Secy. KSOP), Member (09890105535)



Contact:                 Rev. J Lamboi Haokip (Convener)


                                Union Biblical Seminary                     

                                PO Box 1425


                                Pune 411037 MS India

                                Phone: 020-24230035

                                Email: lamboi@ubs.ac.in or lamboi@yahoo.com



For Manipur:         Gl Paolenthang Khongsai

                                KCC Centre Campus


                                Ph: 0385-2421802