A cry for peace

Published on February 27, 2006

A cry for peace

By Chinneilhing Singsit @ Deborah


February 28, 2006


 Chinneilhing Singsit
 Chinneilhing Singsit


O! Brother O! Brother

              Why are we killing one another?

              Aren’t we the children of the same father?


O! Brother

              It pains to see the feuds

              The feuds, let’s not fester

              The victims, innocent victims recall them

              Doesn’t your heart pain?

              The black day of September

              Don’t you remember?

 O! Brother

              Let it not be repeated

              Misunderstandings be not created

 Revenge, unholy word

              From mind we omit, not bother

              Animosity, we detest

              Temptations, we resist

              Rivalry, be deterred

              Amiability be preferred

              With all we co-operate

              Life we ameliorate

              Peace and love we recreate

              Come my beloved brother, come

              Friendship hands we lend

              Past, bitter past we end

              Deeds, good deeds be told

              Implore for a new world

              Let’s not be in mess

 Satan we suppress

              Christians are we, remember

              For God’s Kingdom, let’s work together