Music album in honor of Kuki-Japanese war heroes

Published on May 13, 2006

By Our Correspondent

May 14, 2006

Below is the translated text of a music album prepared in honor of the Kuki-Japanese war heroes who fought side by side against the invading British forces during the two World Wars. The album is produced by Chongboi, who is the Kukiforum New Zealand correspondent, currently stationed in Japan. To order the album, you can reach the producer at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

(As a banyan tree hugs)

Vocalists: Kamboi & Hevah

Though we wish to be together (as close as a banyan tree hugs)
Since the land we live in is filled with troubles
I am going to fight the enemy
Worry not my beloved till I come back

    Dear, should I hold you back, I can’t believe
    But my heart yields to let you go ahead
    Even love is not able to stop
    Good luck and may you fulfill your dreams

What shall we do about it, it is too late
O Goddess above shelter carefully and
One day in this land we dwell
Unite us as the waters of the plains

   Oh! Wild animals that greet me!
   Just be transformed into my beloved
   My stone pillow of the wilderness
   Be transformed into my beloved’s lap (thighs)

O Bird of tall trees
Go visit my friend and
See if he is in good health
Tell him your lady is feeling lonely
   In Burma, places such as Molai, Longkong
   With our guns each day I spent leading
   Singsang – Jamada, Mochi, Thaka and Vwida
   My life in the jungles is spent on
   Learning war tactics and Japanese script (alphabets)

      (O yonder woodland hills)

Vocalists: Group

Beloved hills, the land where we roam
Folks dance as our forefathers did
O highlands that cannot be forgotten

    Oh beloved friends living in the hills
    Let us dance in our traditional ways
    The highlands that are ever dear
    Where the hill folk roam

I really long for the lovely land
Where our dear friends roam
The land where many cultures bloom
The hills where friends roam


Vocalists: Benny & Nemboi Khongsai

The day the Japanese, coming from the east, arrived;
The public voice was to align with the Japanese
The day INA personnel arrive to fight the British
Supporting that side the Kuki people agreed to
They (INA) Journeying through the mighty rivers of the Burma plains
The INA troops march towards Manipur
The Kukis’ general agreement; if we support the Japanese, our forefathers’ land will regain  its glory.
Support not the British, rather fight them as foes.
These words resound, “ Friends slay these British soldiers as wild animals”.
Young Kukis let’s rise and march forward
Put on swords and guns
Following the footsteps of the great leader Netaji


Vocalist: Nemboi Khongsai

We are students to be national leaders
Students of CHIKIM (Chin Kuki Mizo)
Children of others have flown into space and
Are back to the earth

    During our forefathers’ time, they lived in big villages
    They sing in chorus, rocking the hills and
    Were famous all over
    We are now the hope of the nation
    Dear student friends.

Let’s take steps in unity
During our life time
Striving to fulfill our parents’ aspirations
Dear Kuki young folks
Let the celebrations of success resound among all nations
May our society ever bloom unfading like the
Orchid in the hillside.


Vocalists: L. Samson& Co.

1. Like the sound of my bamboo water container
The sound of the Japanese plane reverberates in melody

2. The aeroplanes are no longer flying
Do you (Japanese) mean to retreat without marching forward?

3. Even if you retreat now
Visit us again at the turn of the year
O thee!! Songja  Japan

4. We (the Kukis & Japanese) are from common ancestor so
When my arms are weak and weary
Beloved come and lighten my burden (come to my help)
From your majestic land
At the turn of the year do visit again
Oh thee!! Songja Japan

 5. Same as above i.e., (4)

 * The Kukis believe that SONGTHU and SONGJA were brothers and from the SONGTHU comes the present KUKIS while SONGJA”S descendants are the Japanese; Thus the song “ having a common ancestor” of stanza 3.

6. KUKI GAL 1917-1919
(KUKI WAR 1917-1919)

Vocalists: L. Samson & Co.

Mr. Ngulbul of Longja and Ngulkhup of Lonpi villages
Your memories are ever fresh in our minds
Because you were Kuki war time heroes, fighting the British

     With your fellow clansmen
     You must be famous, of course

The sun never sets in the British empire
A village where the sun does not set

    The British army are as many as the stars
    Many as the stars above

Can you shoot them here in our land
Yes we have shot (killed)
Down there beside the stream
We’ve piled them up like firewood
Like firewood we laid them

    Even the famous British cry like babies
    Yes the British cried like babies

The Imphal valley is under cloud after a short duration of fame
Yes Imphal valley will be under cloud

    The great Burmese city Rangoon is shaking
    Yes the Burma valley is shaken
    London and Calcutta cities are full of aeroplanes


Vocalist: Benny Khongsai

Let not your hearts down
We are the creation of God
Our neighbours have grown tall as trees
Awake, arise and cast out all evil acts

     March forward before it’s too late
     Take part in the international competitions
     Let there be no YOU and ME or WE and YOU
     Let’s unite we’re of the same blood.

Almighty may your blessings be ever with us
Bless us with good body, healthy eyes and teeth
Make our beautiful nation be famous over the lands


Vocalist: Melody Khongsai

If it (AIDS) can be left behind, there’ll be peace of mind
Friends too will be willing to accept
Is there no one to console on this earth!
What a life is it; What a disease is it?
The affection of friends is the remedy
Love and concern is but its only medicine
Let’s all ponder today for the AIDS patients
Human beings you and I all having hearts
Why should we discriminate and call them outcasts
Unavoidable is ill fate nor can it be shunned
Let us console each other with affection

    Discard hatred and rejection
    Love is the foundation of health
    It soothes the mind too
    Peace of mind alone is what man needs
    A happy life has no sickness
    It lengthens one’s life.

Today, let’s think of patients of various diseases
Not by choice nor by desire
Due to ignorance, due to misunderstanding
Unavoidable is misfortune; it cannot be left behind
Let’s console each other with love
Discarding hatred and rejection.

9. Japan Lenna Huikong
Japanese Aircraft

Vocalist: T. Jene

The sound of Japanese aircraft reechoes softly
Soaring high like an eagle
Among the many other aircrafts
It is at the sound of the Japanese aircraft that
All nations rush into the trench.

Like the sound of my bamboo water jar
The sound reverberates along the hills and mountains
Like a bird flying over Burma, India
And has reached our land

We sing, “ Oh Japanese soldiers may your fame spread all over the world. Be strong and march on”
Ever to be remembered in our stories
It will always appear in our Kuki history.


Vocalist: Kamboi

Highlanders- my fellow natives!!
The villages we wallow in!
Do not be disheartened
Upset be not for a little while
Even if separated, surely shall we be united again.

    Arise O tender SUN
    Bring us Good Luck with the soft breeze
    So that all dear ones can be together

Even on fallen logs, can orchids bloom
Ask not who are you
Our land knows who we are
Mighty God above looks upon us
Should this land be where blood flows and my family suffers?

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