Training Children: In Reference to Kuki Society

Published on December 13, 2008

Training Children: In Reference to Kuki Society

By Khaigin Haokip


The Need for Spiritual Training


 Khaigin Haokip

 Khaigin Haokip

Our forefathers are one, fused by centuries being bound together by collective sorrow and joy for sharing the unity of purpose and vision. They were united in fighting the powerful British people in order to save their motherland without having combat training and education. This created an excellent opportunity for the present generation of Kuki people to take steps to fulfill the goals and visions for freedom.


As the world constantly changes, the Kuki people also gradually change, and since 1900 they have embraced the Christian faith. Today there are educated men and women in the Kuki society. I personally believe that children spiritually trained by Kuki Christian parents are necessary to prepare prospective leaders for the Kukis to bridge the generation gap, strengthen the bond, and develop the Kuki people.


There are three ways to train children for future efficient leadership for the Kukis.


Train Your Children According to the Bible


The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverb 22:6). The term children cover all the years from infancy to adulthood. Training children requires calculated instruction and discipline to form long-term character and gain wisdom from scripture memorization. Parents cannot train every step, but they can train the way children should go: the true way that is laid out plainly in the scriptures (Deuteronomy 6: 4-9; 29:29; Eph. 6:1-4).


Even when they are old, their manner will be molded by the previous training. Parents are children’s first and most influential teachers, and they are solely responsible to train their children based on the Word of God.


A Jewish proverb says, “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.” Parents are a visible representation of God for children, and therefore, they have the wisdom to train their children. Secular education that does not have moral and spiritual education is only partial. Spiritual training for children is necessary because God commanded it and it enables children to understand the meaning of life. It is not enough just to recognize that the Bible is God’s will but also that it shows them that this is God’s will and they must obey God.


Train Up Your Children by Encouragement


A child’s character is formed primarily in his or her early years, so parents must begin early to instill the omnipotent God in the hearts of the children and encourage them earnestly. They should tell their children that God breathed His breath into their nostrils to let them have life. God has deposited part of Himself in them, and they are full of potential. They have the seed of God on the inside of them.


By sowing the seed of the power of God, the children will recognize their potential, and faith and confidence will build up in them, and they will have an optimistic mindset. They will even have will power to say, “I can do all things through God’s power.” Parents need to sow seeds of encouragement and know that their children always need their approval. If children do something positive, they need to be encouraged by saying they did a great job.


Encouraging children will shoot up confidence to a completely new level to help them strive to do better the next time. These are positive interactions that are crucial in the development of children. Avoid humor that frustrates, discourages, or angers, and do not bring up children’s past mistakes and embarrass them in the presence of others.


Train Up Your Children by Knowing Their Psychology


Parents need to know the psychology of their children and need to guide them accordingly. Newborn children show their hunger and thirst by crying and restless movements. Children learn that they get food from the parent when they cry. They also realize they can get other things. The crying tactic will continue until school age, and the parents need to bring an end to it and transform it to a new way of communicating.


Parents are required to make a daily routine for school-age children, including proper sleeping time, study time, family devotions (prayer, singing, and scripture reading), school, eating times, helping at home, and playing with friends. Routine sets the stage for good habits to be formed and is the context in which self-control can flourish. If there is no routine, children will not know what to expect. They will then see this as an opportunity to get their way and indulge in their desires.


Children always need direction and guidance. The picture stories of Moses and David can help children learn about God’s magnificence. Teach them words like thank God, spirit, peace, and prayer. Guided in the right perspective like this, when they grow up, they will follow the habit of doing right.


Impact of Prospective Spiritual Training of Children


George Washington’s parents were actively involved in training their son in nourishing God’s Word, training him in memorizing scripture verses, becoming obedient, praying every day in the morning and evening, and trusting God.


Because of having a good beginning of spiritual training at home, Washington became the first President of the United States of America. He never attended school, but became the father of a nation. Johnson wrote, “If his parents had not trained him to do the will of God whatever the cost, George Washington might not have had the opportunity to write his name so brightly on the pages of history.”


Every Kuki parent needs to have a good beginning of spiritual training for their children because children are the future hope of the present generation in the Kuki society. Sowing good seed in the minds of the children and showing the true way of life will produce good character and give power to achieve their goals. No more cursing, swearing, or impolite language will be heard in the families, and there will not be hatred, false accusations, or mistrust in the Kuki society.


Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children.” So, if Christian parents have a good beginning with the children, the peace of God will reign in the hearts of the children, and there will be peace and happiness in the home and church, and in the society. Then God will be pleased with the Kuki people, and He will heal the wounded generation and land by bridging the generation gap, strengthening bonds, and developing the Kuki society.


God will choose the right generous and efficient leader within the Kuki society to lead the Kuki people like Washington and other great heroes in the Bible, like Moses, Samuel, and David. Then the peace of God and good will be toward the Kuki people. Then surely goodness and mercy will follow us until the day of the second coming of our Lord.


The author did his Doctor of Ministry from Oral Roberts University and is a promotional secretary of Care Ministry India.

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