The weakness of the Kuki Nation: In brief

Published on August 16, 2009

By Felix Lunngaisang Vaiphei

The term ‘Kuki’ sounds to be common or familiar to everyone. Than what is Kuki? If you say that Kuki is the sum total of many sub-clans, why then only the Thadou speaking group are said to be the Kuki? What about the other sub-clans? If the Kuki is said to be the sum total of different sub-clans, why the other sub-clans could not stick with the word Kuki? I think there will be a lot more questions to put up regarding this. If you are proud of the Kuki Nation, why are we still in the state of refugee? In the land of  others there is no value of building a big mansion or leading a luxurious life because in the simplest term you have no right like them. You can be kicked out anytime. If  you are proud of your status and there is no place for your grave, does it make sense? If you are a self-interested person, only good names and fames set up your mind, it is because your sense is being controlled by pleasure. There is nothing that remain of pleasure, it is always followed by an anxieties.

Love and understanding are the far cry of the people, the hot blood! Respect of leaders are gone in the wind. Tongue could speak a lot, but movement of body is being restricted. Remember, unhealthy words go to the graveyard. Big minds have done their table work, but the reality . . .!!! No relationship in the bond pyramid. Lots of choices in the mind and spoken, but no chosen. The lesser amount, the weaker they belong. No place for opinions, but to follow. Being too much repressed, become in aggressive. It’s being motivated by quantity rather than qualities. Love in words not in deeds. Understanding always left behind, not in the present or future. Fight for their own right and fame; the self-interested peoples. Perfectness is in nobody’s hand but in possibilities. Everyone is free but in tight compartments. Differences in language always mark boundaries. The achievements of the clan group seems to be superior over others. No new life, no new approach. Each one sound for the future, but not in a long run rather just to get respect.

The symbolic meaning of the ‘Kuki society’ in the past had a great significance and the people are closely attached to it. It symbolized or gave a lot of meaning to the people and provided strength and unity. Yet in the present context, the attachment becomes more faded and the meaning lies on itself. All kinds of directions made by the scholars or leaders are within the circle of a few self-interested peoples. They made a wise move to cover up their evil mind-set, produced a unique sound and act like a Grammy Award actor, just to win the trust of the innocent hearts.  The more they win the more they gain only for themselves. They finally become the social virus, entering to the deep core of the innocent hearts and destroying them. The virus is very effective and incurable.

Fights for supremacy upon one another has become the common factor within the society. Understanding and making the ways for possibilities of solving the contradicting opinions lies under the judgment of the powerful gun barrel. The real wise man becomes silent and paralyzed and his own people become a refugee within their own society. The need of the Nation and the leaders’ directions becomes irrelevant. Their senses are diverted; being motivated by fame or the like. Hatred becomes the common factor which result in enmity between one another. Women and children become the victims and set tears for their lost sons and brothers. Finally, the Nation deep in mourn.

The author completed his Master of Arts (Philosophy) in North-Eastern Hill University. He was the General Secretary of the Kuki Students Organisation, Shillong in 2007-08 and President in 2008-09.