Report on KCBA 18th GC Meeting & First Missionary Conference

Published on March 23, 2011

By Lun Khai

22 March 2011: We have a heartfelt thanksgiving offer to God for what He has triumphantly done along the journey of His entrusted KUKI CHIN BAPTIST ASSOCIATION, Myanmar! KCBA has been in the post years of its 50th anniversary which was applaudibly celebrated in March, 2008.

Bestowed with richer blessings from God, KCBA holds its 53rd Board Meeting cum 18th General Council meeting/Triennial Convergence, March 2 through 4, and its 1st Missionary Conference, March 5 through 6, 2011, in Myenigone Baptist Church, the center church-like local church of the KCBA.

The 53rd BM cum the 18th GC meeting was done with great success and fruitfulness, attended by about a hundred people of the executive members, area proxies and officers from the local churches, under the leadership of the immediate officers of the association.

Succeedingly, the much awaited 18th Triennial Khoppi cum the First Missionary Conference was gloriously and remarkably celebrated in its auspcisious time and space, with a motto: “Christa dinga Chi leh Meivah” (Mt. 5:13-14). This is an epoch-making event to all the KCBA’ers. Also, it was an expression of thanksgiving to God as well as a moment of re-submission for the advancement of the Kingdom in sync with the Great Commission tasked by our Lord, Jesus.

The Khoppi was inaugurated by Revd. Ngun Thawng Mang, the General Secretary of mother Zomi Baptist Convention. Another significant guest was Revd. Letkhothang, the E&M Secretary, Zomi Baptist Convention, formerly E&M Secretary of the association.

The joy-filled Khoppi has gathered more than 1000 registered guests from faraway places aside from a huge number of the local believers including local inter-church figures. (Notably, its “Golden Jubilee” celebration assembled more than 10,000 registered guests in 2008. And, the “Thang Kho Jam Jubilee” or “Diamond Jubilee” convened by KCBA has also amassed a rough estimation of 70,000 celebrators multi-denominationally from around the world way back in 1997.)

Every morning during the Khoppi, an in-depth Bible Study was given by Revd. Dr. Thonglhun, the Pastor of the Kuki Baptist Church, Yangon. Every evening, there was an evangelistic sermon delivered by Revd. Letkhothang, ZBC-E&M.

On the first day was an excellent message from Revd. Lunpumthang, KCBA Urban Missionary, Mandalay City. And a life-transforming message was shared by Revd. Ngun Thawng Mang, ZBC-GS, on the second day.
On the first day, there were choir competition, solo competition, modified traditional dances and eccetra. On the second day were folksong competition, Bible action competition and many other competitions and performances.

One of the most significant events was Traditional Attire Show performed by talented youngsters. A Burmese traditional dance was also immensely applauded.

It is most noteworthy that a huge number of Kuki Christians from local churches within the association has come together and praised the Lord in one accord for two days and three nights. It demonstrates the unity and conformity of the Baptist churches in KCBA. It furnishes ecstasy and spiritual blessings in personal life as a Christian. It also generates spiritual boldness, ministerial furtherance and personal commitment as we go onward witnessing God’s greatness and declaring His imminent Kingdom here on earth.

May God richly bless His people and dynamically use KCBA in His ministry in such a way that many people come to see the Light through the gateway that it opens!

Note: KCBA, located in Myenigone, Homalin City, Sagaing Division, Northwestern Myanmar, is a religious association owned by the Kuki Baptist churches in Myanmar which includes over 50 churches mainly from Tamu township, Homalin township, Khamti township, Thamanti township, and other parts of Myanmar. KCBA primarily consists of 3 regional areas: Tamu Area, Homalin Area, and Thamanti Area. KCBA is one of the initially founded local associations under the umbrella of ZBC (Zomi Baptist Convention) which is located in Falam City, Chin State. Further information about KCBA can be inquired at the email ID, of the author. The numbers stated in this info are subject to inaccuracy. Some of the pictures of the said celebration can be viewed at the links below.

BM Meeting photos @

Khoppi photos @

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