Every kuki to agitate for Sadar Hills district

Published on September 3, 2011

Imphal, September 3, 2011: The attitude of the state government in relation to the demands of Sadar Hills as a full fledged district is totally condemned by the kuki community and every kuki in the state will agitate until and unless the government fulfills their demand, exclaimed Indigenous Kuki People’s Forum (IKPF).

Speaking at a press conference held at Manipur Press club, Lien Gangte, general secretary of IKPF said that if Sadar Hills District hood demand is genuine and legitimate, then the government should speak out loud and clear or give a black and blue white paper why it should not be. The IKPF does not believe in the governments double standard attitude towards our own people.

IKPF demand that the government should feel the deep sentiments of the Sadar Hillites. Therefore before it’s too late their demands should be given. The IKPF does not encourage the three months time asked by the government, he said.

He further went on to say that the re-organisation and demarcation of the boundaries shall not be considered in any form before the district hood is solemnly declared for the people of Sadar Hills for a better co-existence with all communities of Manipur. The government appointed Committee headed by the Chief Secretary is useless and baseless.

He further requests the government to declare district hood in the interest of the Sadar hills people. All sections of societies living within the three SDO blocks should stand united, no ethnic communal violence should be instigated, nor propagate a negative attitude. Further in any future demands lets not make the NHs a scapegoat by venting out our angers and calling economic blockade and further ending with another Counter-Blockade.

Source: Hueiyen Lanpao

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  1. well said PU LIEN GANGTE, keep up the good work..we are with u.