72 Hrs bandh in pursuit of Kuki State

Published on May 10, 2012

IMPHAL, May 10 : In pursuit of their demand for a Kuki exclusive separate State, the Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC) has called a 72 hours general strike in Kuki inhabited areas and 96 hours economic blockade on National and State Highways.

The general strike would come into effect from 6 pm of May 12 till 6 pm of May 15. The highway blockade would come into force from 6 pm of May 15 till 6 pm of May 19, declared KSDC spokesperson K Khongsai.

Speaking to media persons at B Vengnuam community hall, Churachandpur this afternoon, K Khongsai claimed that Kuki people have a proud history and a distinctive customary administrative system.

The Kukis were independent people before the arrival of the British imperialists.

To protect their ancestral territory, Kuki fought against the British empire for three years starting from 1917.

After this, Kukis joined the Indian National Army and fought hard to drive out the British from the land of Kukis.

After independence, many kingdoms were merged into the Indian Union but Kukis were left out.

Nevertheless, the Kuki leaders were hopeful that the Government of India would reward them for their immense contribution in the war of independence. But the hopes of Kuki leaders never materialised.

Subsequently, the Kuki National Assembly held a general body meeting on March 24, 1960 and resolved to demand a separate State for Kukis.

The same resolution was highlighted to the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru through a memorandum. The Prime Minister reportedly gave his assurance to the Kuki leaders.

In the following years, the Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM) too submitted many memoranda to the Government of India demanding a separate Kuki State within the constitution of India.

However, no positive response has been forthcoming till date. The KSDC was constituted with the objective of realising this legitimate demand, and in pursuit of this demand, it spearheaded a number of democratic protest movements including bandhs last year. But so far, the Government of India has been acting mute and blind, K Khongsai decried.

He further informed that media and medical services would be exempted from the purview of the agitation scheduled from May 12 to May 19.

Source: Sangai Express

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  1. Hangsai

    i apreciate d movement bt so far it doesnt move… it jst bcame a enertia of d political propaganda… v r a part of d INA, war. Bt our voice n memoranda r nt seen n discussed t d zero hour of d parliament tht make’s us a puppet of d GOI. b d Wy cary 4wrd coz zalen is our brth right.

  2. Momoi Tous

    Really? Are you guys seriously thinking that the Centre will hear you if the state couldn’t hear you in the first place?

    See guys, the Nehru government couldn’t fulfill our demands way back in the late 1940s, when the opportunity was so great and time was right!

    Now, when each and every so-called tribe is fighting for their statehood 65 years after India’s Independence, how can a small insignificant tribes in the far-end of the country have a voice in the din & game of the Centre, when we couldn’t even stick together united in the state context?

    We are a cursed nation! We will never ever get the so called ‘KUKILAND’ we are demanding! The facts speak for themselves.

    BTW, I hear so many of you thinking, what Kukiland? It should be ‘Chenagam’ or ‘Zogam’ or ‘Zalengam’. Therein lies all our problems and only when that is solved unitedly for the common good of all of us, the dream we all cherised will happen.

    Goodluck and Keep the spirit alive!

  3. Lets Ensured max cooperation from our own people. Let all d tribe of kuki (i,e anal, paite, simte, hmar etc) take parts in d demand 4 statehood. Coz only unity can bring us sucess. 4 this elect 1 or 2 executive membr each from each tribe/cast to represent their own. this wil lead us 2 unity then suces is ours.

  4. jack

    when having to pursue the Govt. to declare Sadar Hills as a full-fledged district,is still a far cry…n state??!:(..I think the leaders of the committee needs to retrospect and consolidate the objective in a long term manner..the leaders should not make a joke of themselves..and what are the “nam sepais” doing?look around…..who is the”TAh CHAPA”!..we or our adversaries!!

  5. lalboi haokip

    Great pursuits but when there is so many wolves in the group what do you expect.

    • we cannot expect anything worthy of mentioning until and unless we are united first. we are demanding kuki state but with so high degree of disunity in our society, it is like putting a card before the horse.

  6. kakai kipgen

    great to know that there are still ppl who keeps d candle burning…bt where is sadar hills gone??