Kukis seek Mizo support

Published on December 7, 2012

By Zodin Sanga

Aizawl (Dec 7): The Kukis in Manipur, who had supported the Mizo secessionist movement in the 1960s, now have sought their brethrens’ support as the more than 50 years of demand for Kuki state is being renewed.

“We appeal to the Mizos not to forget the miserable plight of their brethren Kukis and their contribution and sufferings for the formation of the present day Mizoram state,” Kuki state demand committee (KSDC) information secretary George Guite said in a press release here on Friday.

The statement mentioned that the Kuki people, in defense of their forefathers’ and their freedom struggle, fought against the British during ‘Great Kuki Invasion of 1860s and the Kukis Rising of 1917-1919′.

In World War-II, in a bid to regain their freedom from British, the Kukis sided with Axis Power to which the Indian National Army was apart, it said. It said that the present day Manipur was constructed by the British without the consent of Kuki chiefs when Manipur as created by the British merged with the Indian Union in 1949.

The KSDC claimed that the Kuki chiefs from time immemorial owned more than 5 0 per cent of the present day Manipur, while the Meiteis’ Manipur or Kangleipak comprises the valley, which is less than 10% of the total area of the state.

The demand for Kuki state began in 1960 when the Kuki National Assembly submitted a memorandum to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, seeking a separate Kuki state within the Indian Union.

The Prime Minister’s “apathy” towards the Kuki people’s political aspirations and the stark discriminator y action taken by the government of India in favour of pro-British colonialists by according statehood to Nagaland in 1963 forced the Kukis to join hands with the Mizo National Front, which started independence movement for all ChinKuki-Mizo-inhabited areas in India, Burma and Bangladesh.

However, the Kukis were “betrayed” in 1986, when the Mizo Accord was signed between the Government of India and the Mizo National Front that categorically excluded Kukis.

The release said that due to denial of constitutional rights to the Kukis and the government’s failure to protect them, more than 900 Kukis were killed and more than 350 villages torched in the NSCN (IM)’s ethnic cleansing from 1992 to 1997.

Now, the Kuki people are being driven out of their ancestral land in the name of Look East Policy by giving them a meagre sum of money as compensation, the release said. “That Kukis will not survive with this meagre compensation is like the writing on the wall. The KSDC, therefore, urges the people to extend their support to the Kukis’ fight for statehood,” the communiqué said.

Source: Seven Sisters Post

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