KSDC to begin Quit Kukiland movement, to boycott R-Day, public blockade from Jan 24 ‘Indian authorities’ asked to withdraw from Kukiland

Published on January 22, 2013

By S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, Jan 21: Asserting that their submission to initiate a political dialogue with Kuki armed groups on the proposed Kuki State has been deliberately ignored by the Government both at the State and the Centre, the Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC) has today announced a series of agitation including the launch of Quit Kukiland movement and boycott of any official program of the Indian State including the Republic Day.

“There will be no celebration and official programme to mark the Republic Day of India, or any subsequent celebrations connected with the Indian State in Kuki areas,” announced KSDC general secretary Benjamin Mate today even as he advised local Indian authorities to withdraw from Kuki territory as the Quit Kukiland movement will begin on January 24 at 5 pm.

Simultaneously the public blockade, which was withdrawn earlier will be reimposed from January 24. The KSDC has also been ordained to intiate a plebiscite of the Kuki people to garner the Kuki people’s resolution for a Kuki State, said KSDC.

“The KSDC will boycott Republic Day as a mark of severance of ties between Kuki Nation and the Indian State which had failed to recognize the Kukis’ political rights even after 65 years of Indian independence and 65 years of Kuki tolerance. Hence, no Indian law will operate on Kukis living in Kuki territories,” he added.

Local Indian authorities, according to the KSDC, will be held responsible if their call to Quit Kukiland is not complied with. They also urged the Kuki militants supporting Kuki Statehood to stand behind them and act in tandem with the Kuki people represented by the KSDC.

When the movement comes into effect, a public blockade in all Kuki inhabited areas, which was earlier withdrawn would also be reimposed, said Mate.

Notably, Suspension of Operation (SoO) signatory, the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) has so far held themselves back from extending the SoO signed on August 22, 2008 with the GoI and the State Government.

Detailing the events that forced them to call the Quit Kukiland movement, the KSDC said they have written to the GoI on several occasions seeking a political dialogue for recognition of Kuki territories as a State. As the Government had promised to initiate talks on the proposed Kuki State immediately after the conclusion of winter session of Parliament, the Kuki people have reposed faith in the Government of India and withdrew the public blockade in Kuki areas on the eve of Indo-Asean Car Rally, but the Government yet again failed to deliver on its promise, alleged the KSDC.

In contrast, it accused the Government of circulating the possibility of granting Pan-Naga Council to NSCN (IM) prior to Assembly election in Nagaland. The KSDC had also claimed that their representatives went to Delhi on January 1 and sought to apprise the Home Minister on the need to settle Kuki political issue before any solution with the NSCN (IM).

‘The Home Minister was too busy meeting the all-party delegation from Manipur, a front that is orchestrated by the dominant Meitei community to fend for the atrocious and oppressive rule of the majority community,’ it said.

Given the neglect shown to the Kuki political demand, the KSDC has decided to launch the Quit Kukiland movement, maintained the KSDC leader. The Kuki chiefs were even contemplating a rally to coincide with the Indian Republic Day, he said adding ‘we will keep you informed on the details.’

KSDC’s announcement was preceded by a meeting of over 800 Kuki chiefs and Kuki leaders that was addressed by the President of KNO PS Haokip.

Source: Sangai Express (22-Jan-2013)

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