Kuki state demand committee vows to continue struggle for Kuki state

Published on July 12, 2013

IMPHAL: Though the Kuki state demand committee (KSDC)-sponsored four-day stir in pursuit of its demand for creation of a separate Kuki state in Manipur ended on Thursday evening, it vowed to continue the movement to achieve the community’s democratic, historical and political rights.

“The KSDC and the Kuki people will continue the non-violent struggle for political self-determination under the Indian Constitution, which is our democratic right,” the KSDC said. A statement, issued on Thursday, said the stir for the “legitimate political rights which the Kukis’ forefathers protected from the colonialists” will continue until the objective is achieved.

The Kukis haven’t signed an agreement with the Centre or the state government for the integration or disintegration of Manipur, said the statement, signed by the committee’s information and publicity secretary S George Guite.

The KSDC has been pressurizing the government to hold a dialogue with the Kuki militant groups that signed a Suspension of Operations (SoO) agreement in 2008 to raise the vexed Kuki political issue.

It also mentioned the lack of development and deprivation of the Kukis’ political rights in affairs of local governance by enacting different acts through the state’s administrative mechanism.

Source: Times of India – July 12, 2013

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