A clarion call to re-craft the Kuki nation

Published on June 21, 2014

By Hejang Misao

Once I had a brief discussion with one of the renown development workers in Kuki society on contemporary issues confronting the Kukis, and to my surprise he bluntly said (in Thadou-Kuki dialect), “Hejang nampi hi ngailut lou ding ahi, aphachom ding ima aumpoi. Aphapen chu munkhatna natoh phatah khat kimu inlang nomtah in hinkho mangin.” I paused and mulled for a while and said “Well, that sounds very good, but…” I told him “if intellectual people like you and me attempt to distance ourselves at a time when the nation needs us the most, who should bring healing to our nation – a desire change.”

Today, the unresponsive act of the educated intellectual section of our community created a vacuum in our society. It is the law of nature that empty space should always be filled in one form or the other. Sadly, the vacuum created by the educated intellectual group has been filled up by the gun-wielding uneducated self-style leaders of the Kuki nation, and as a result, one can clearly foresee what our near future is – a nation with no hope.

History is witness to today’s generation that social, political and economic revolutions are the culmination of the intellectual thoughts and actions. See the French revolution, Russian revolution, end of apartheid, American war of Independence, Indian freedom movement and the likes.

Admittedly, we are so happy with our comfort zone and hardly have thought of the chain reactions and the cascading effects and affects that will befall us if the nation dies. I remember when I finished my Master of Social Work (MSW) in top in my college under Dibrugarh University, friends and well-wishers suggested me to write Civil Services Exam or get some government job. I appreciated their concern which is nothing less than to be in my good comfort zone. But my passion is to contribute something for the society – tangible and intangible by getting involved personally with some innovative ideas. I am fully convinced that it is my calling from God. Therefore, I got started an organization called InSIDE-northeast and began contributing for the nation with a long term vision of ‘build the nation by building today’s youngsters’.

Kuki Worship Services (KWS) contribution to the nation in fomenting oneness – physical and spiritual – without any room for prejudices and biases with no denominational issue is indeed a unifying force to reckon with and they deserve the nation’s plaudit. I could say that KWS is one of the cementing factors of our people elsewhere besides the Sahnit – Black Day and Kut where we all come together in unison for a purpose.

Now, so far our civil society and student body contributions to the Kuki society centre around ‘Damage Control’ – they intervene mainly when damages have been done which are but not a lesser contribution. However, it is high time we realize that there is no quick fix solution to our problems. We need a systematic and sustained intervention with a clear vision beginning with our young generation.

My vision of Kuki society is a society where poverty is totally eradicated; where every man, woman and child has access to not just the basic minimal needs but to all the opportunities to lead a happy and fulfilling life; a knowledge and learning society built on the values of hard work, honesty, discipline, spirituality and a collective sense of purpose.

Here the question is why mission field in an unknown land when our kin/next door is dying because of lack of love. Are we doing justice to our people and to God by draining our wealth for those who we never see them but ignore the one crying for help right in front of our nose? And we give petition after petition to God in the form of prayer entreating Him to bless our society and heal our nation but pour in our resources to outside. I do believe our God is the God that answers prayers. But He will never send the white or the black people to heal our land. God will heal but He needs nobody but you and me. The moment you begin to keep aside a penny or ideas for the cause of our people, there begins the healing from God.

Taking reference from the Bible – God needs Moses, who himself was a Jews, to deliver Israelites from the bondage in Egypt. He needs Queen Esther to save her people from the holocaust and many others.

Brethren, now is the time to act, not only prayer but we have to start re-crafting our Kuki society. I would like to quote Mordecai’s words to Queen Esther, “Do not think to yourself that in the king’s palace you will escape any more than all the other Jews. For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:13, 14.)

Now, the clarion call is to be part of this rebuilding process in our own capacities – which is our highest service to God. KWS, where non-resident Kukis are taking active membership, can do the highest service for God to the nation by conceptualizing a mission project where children and youth are the focus. Or else, non-resident Kukis from elsewhere would start rebuilding the Kukis in line with what “Caring Friends” of India is doing – a group of working people coming together and contributing for the cause of underprivileged people which for them is their highest service towards nation (India) building.

Without us nothing is possible and with us nothing is impossible. Therefore, this is a challenge and clarion call to step forward and begin to do something for the nation rather than mere utterances in Social Media sites, such as Facebook. We can only better our tomorrow by our today’s proactive action. If not our future is bleak.

The writer is a social activist working with DKA-Austrian project, coordinating Northeast India. He is also the founder of an organization called InSIDE-northeast.

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