Nehginpao Kipgen to speak in universities in Malaysia and Thailand

Published on August 12, 2015

Nehginpao Kipgen, a political scientist and a specialist on Myanmar, has been invited to give talks in universities across Malaysia and Thailand.

Kipgen, whose research interests are in South East Asia and South Asia, is currently in Thailand to attend a workshop organized by the Ethnic Nationalities Affairs Center (ENAC).

On August 18, Dr. Kipgen will speak at the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS), National University of Malaysia, on a topic ‘The 2015 General Election and Democratic Transition in Myanmar’.

While he is in Malaysia, Kipgen will hold meetings with officials of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and community members in Kuala Lumpur on August 19. The meetings will discuss the situation of refugees and the political development in Myanmar.

On August 31, Kipgen will give a talk on the ‘Power Structure in Myanmar’ in Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He will also give a talk on the ‘Ethnic Politics in Myanmar’ at Chiang Mai University on September 2. He will then pay a visit to the College of ASEAN Community Studies, Naresuan University, Thailand.

Dr. Kipgen had given a series of talks in universities and research institutes in Myanmar and India on a wide range of topics.

Kipgen, whose works have been widely published in over 30 countries in five continents, has his two new books scheduled for publication by Oxford University Press and Routledge (Taylor & Francis) in 2016.

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