‘Myanmar: A Political History’ published by OUP

Published on April 28, 2016

A new book titled ‘Myanmar: A Political History’ authored by Nehginpao Kipgen has just been published by the Oxford University Press (OUP). This is Dr. Kipgen’s third book on Myanmar. The other two books are ‘Democratisation of Myanmar’ and ‘Democracy Movement in Myanmar: Problems and Challenges’.

According to the publisher’s website (http://www.oupcanada.com/catalog/9780199466306.html), the book examines the politico-historical antecedents of contemporary Myanmar: from colonial rule to the establishment of its first civilian government; the subsequent fall into military dictatorship; and the transition from an authoritarian regime to a democratic government. Kipgen weaves in its relations with the United States, Myanmar’s political, economic, and military connect with China; India-Myanmar relations in the context of India’s Look East policy; and Myanmar’s cooperation problems on human rights within the ASEAN. Lucid and well researched, this book is a valuable guide to those interested in the future of Myanmar as well as South and Southeast Asia, to understand the historical knowledge as to how different political actors played differing roles in the country’s transition across governments.

Dr. Kipgen is Assistant Professor and Executive Director of Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, Jindal School of International Affairs, O.P. Jindal Global University. He is a Political Scientist who specializes in Comparative Politics and International Relations. His general research interests include democratization, democratic transition, global politics, human rights, ethnic conflict, identity politics, and foreign policy and academic research focuses on South Asia and Southeast Asia, with specialization on Burma or Myanmar. He has also published 15 peer-reviewed journal articles and over 120 articles in various leading international newspapers and magazines in five continents – Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and North America.

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