KIF annual conference-cum-KUT celebration concluded

Published on November 26, 2004

KIF annual conference-cum-KUT celebration concluded

By Our Staff Reporter


November 27, 2004: A two-day long Annual Conference –Cum- Kut celebration organized by the Kuki International Forum (KIF) was wrapped up in Houston, Texas, USA on the 26th November 2004. The conference was attended by the Forum leaders to formulate pragmatic strategies to the spiraling trend of their commitments. A wide range of issues were tabled for the leadership’s attention.


 Miss 2004 USA KUT Sharon Lhingneithem (center), 1st Runner-Up Miss Mercy Nenghoithem (left) & 2nd Runner-Up Miss Nenghoikim @ Kimbuong (right)

Miss 2004 USA KUT Sharon Lhingneithem (center),

1st Runner-Up Miss Mercy Nenghoithem (left) &

2nd Runner-Up Miss Nenghoikim @ Kimbuong (right)

Meanwhile, the KUT Moderator, Pu. Konkhogin said, “Our first ever KUT celebration in the United States is a great success.” Friends and loved ones from different states across the United States participated at the historic occasion.

In his speech as KUT Father, Pu Thenjang emphasized the important values of one’s identity and culture. He also recalled how Chavang Kut has been celebrated through the years with joy and merrymaking.

For individuals such as Miss Nenghoikim @ Kimboung, Sharon Lhingneithem, Patten Thangminlun and Amy Hatneivah, it was their first day of meeting their Kuki friends in 9 years’ time. To many of the youngsters, this year’s KUT celebration was a reminiscence of their unique identity. “I am very glad that I have a chance to mingle with friends who speak the same language and share distinct culture after years of separation,” said Pu Thenjang.

Mr & Miss KUT contest was one of which caught the eyes of teenagers. After rounds of applause, Miss Sharon Lhingneithem, Mercy Nenghoithem and Nenghoikim were chosen Miss Kut USA 2004, First Runner-Up and Second Runner-Up respectively. The Kut committee was generous enough to extend prizes to all contestants.


In the evening of the 25th November, the Kutters headed to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) center as part of educational tour preplanned by the KIF leadership. Space Center Houston is a place where people can experience space — from its dramatic history and exciting present to its compelling future. Space Center Houston is the only place on earth that gives guests an out-of-this-world journey through human adventures into space.

Turkey, US traditional Thanksgiving Lunch, was served to all Kutters by Pu. Thongkholun & wife Dr. Mang Tiak’s family. “This is the first time that I ever had Turkey,” said Dr. Lhunkhohao, who came for the event from Manipur, India. Nulund Hevei cheered the kutters with her melodious songs “Laklo Marupsa” and “Pakai Nang Kahin Vahchoiye.”

In his valedictory speech, Pu. Nehginpao thanked everyone who extended cooperation in making the “KIF Annual Conference – Cum- Kut Celebration” a success. While bidding bye to the 2004’s program, the KIF leadership agreed to hold its 2005 Annual Conference and the next Kut celebration in Washington, DC.