2nd KBC pentannial fellowship 2005

Published on March 15, 2005

By Lenboi Haokip

March 16, 2005: Before we go through a brief account of the 2nd KBC Pentannial Fellowship 2005, it would be conclusive to know what KBC and its initials are all about:

Profile: Kuki Baptist Convention (India) is the acronym of commonly abbreviated KBC which is one of the religious organisations of the Kukis in Manipur. Established in 1958, it is the first and oldest convention among the Kukis’ protestant denominations. Ever since its inception this convention has gained a firm foothold in its administration and evangelism without any overseas funding.

Area-wise division of KBC Churches is Christened Gambih (there are 19 Gambihs in total) consisting of 261 affiliated churches of which 16 are centralized. This is not to brag about but KBC has a record of one-two churches assimilating it almost every year and thus one of the most extending Christian organizations in its own standing.

To be precise, the total figure of KBC members is 41,856 (2004) inclusive of baptized members whose number stands at 20,856. Further, 51 missionaries and evangelists and 49 Pastors form the bulk of KBC workforce, not to mention those colleagues in the administration circle. Intriguingly, KBC has been in the good book of its parent convention MBC for setting the standards in budget allocations that are unlikely to be surpassed by the latter.

PentaFellow’ 2005 :

BOAT, in short, was the venue of the 2nd KBC Pentannial Fellowship held from February 28-March 3, with Rev. Billy Green, Pastor Calvary Baptist Church Sandspring; Dr Doyle Ray Pryor, Pastor First Baptist Church Sapulpa; Dr Ralph Francis Speas, president Meridian University Del City; and Retd. Brig. General Dick Freeman, US Air Force, First Baptist Church, Tulsa.

It is worth mentioning that these good friends from across the sea had travelled thousand miles, that too at their own expenses to attend the fellowship in this tiny corner. This would not have been possible without their love for God, KBC and the Kuki people. This conference can be termed as a unified effort, a rewarding and fulfilling partnership between the two Christian communities in the States and KBC in Manipur.

The touching sermons, the 1000-Choir, the youth, women and mission forums et al; Pentannial Fellowship 2005 under the theme” God’s Mission Our Mission” was a clear manifestation of spiritual renewal through the soul-stirring messages of Rev. Billy Green, Dr Doyle Pryor and Dr Ralph Speas. Fellowship 2005 opened with a vivid and splendid inaugural service. From dedication through invocation by Rev. Seikholet Singson, Founder KBC to his honour CM Ibobi’s a nick in the ribbon with the scissors that let the magnificent banner to come into view as the cover clothing rolled up vertically. From the traditional music piece (involving Pengkul, Gosem and Dahpi instruments), flag march to the breathtaking pantomime, choreography and “I will Shine” by Children Choir being performed under the initiative of BYF KBC C/C, New Lambulane.

Pentannial assemblage of 5,450-strong delegates comprised pastors, missionaries, choir members, some church members and administrative staff. The meetings drew circa 6000 believers from different denominations across Imphal city each evening to hear the living words of God. Indeed, God was doing a work all through the fellowship. On the first evening more than 80 people poured out of the stands at the open theatre to declare their acceptance of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. By the end of that 3-day conference, 510 (young and old) responded to the gospel, among whom 70 delegates had committed themselves for the Lord’s ministry.

Songs and music are part of the gospel. Undoubtedly, it is the gift of God and Christians’ intrinsic worth. Never before had the KBC choirs been in the depths of singing. To have shouted to the Lord with might, mind, heart and soul in songs of praise was, indeed, a mature reflection of Christianity and improvement. Apparently, our old singing genres have revolutionized which, I would say, have a direct bearing to our tireless efforts and ability to assimilate present trends. Nothing will change us to forget the moment when the Central Choir led the 1000-Choir, probably the first of its kind in India, in belting out the pulse-racing “Hallelujah Chorus”. The song even had our overwhelmed speakers stood up from their seats causing them to have a lump in the throat. The emotion they called it goose-bumps in the US. Choirs from other Churches who lent their charming voices were EBC Tribal Colony, ChBA, TBC Dewlahland, Paomei colony choir and KCK, Dewlahland. An up-and-coming young gospel singer who also deserved a special mention was Miss Esther Sitlhou.

For Rev. Billy Green and his team, gospel event of KBC “is the most well-organised convention we have ever seen”. Apart from the smooth conduct of the meetings, they were enthralled by the spontaneous feedback they got from the congregation.

Incidentally, he is neither a pastor nor a preacher but Retd. Brig. General Dick Freeman will always occupy a special place in our hearts for the brevity of his speech. As the saying goes, “brevity is the soul of wit” so was Freeman’s short and sweet-message ” … we’ve come here not only for this convention but also to build a long-lasting relationship with the Kuki people and the America…”

The evening service of the final day recorded a high turnout of 11, 501 people. Although the night was emotional for the speakers and delegates, it concluded with dazzling displays of candle dance (central choir) and a medley of ballad dance and the song “Hand in hand we can make the world a better place to live…” from children choir KBC c/c, Langol.