2005 KUT celebration in the United Kingdom

Published on September 4, 2005

2005 KUT celebration in the United Kingdom

By Chonminlien Gangte

September 5, 2005: Yet again a time to give thanks to our Almighty God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon us in the UK. The eagerly awaited KUT 2005 was held on the 28th of August, which is as usual a yearly event for all the KUT celebrating community here in the UK. We had a fantastic time together last year with Pu Kamal and Sally Khosla at their residence in Horsham. This year Rev. David Haokip and family took over as the host for the celebration at their new home, which is – The Vicarage, Buxton Road in East Ham. London.

Like I said in my last year’s KUT report, the celebration is growing and with the increase in numbers of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo community in the UK this year was even better. We did miss a few families due to some unavoidable circumstances but we did have lots of new members. New faces, old folks, we all had a good time together. Kutters performing 'Lamkoul' dance

This year we divided the programme into two sessions. Arrival, Tea, coffee and drinks to start with as people get settled themselves down. Then we had welcome and prayer by Rev. David T. Haokip. Rev. David Haokip and his family have recently moved to this new Vicarage which is a huge house with a lovely garden, after spending a few good years in Southampton.

Then we had speech on the History of KUT, in fact a talk on Chapchar KUT from Mizoram by Pu. M. Touthang who was on a visit from Aizawl. It was an interesting talk as lots of the people gathered don’t know about KUT or Chapchar KUT.

The celebration went by choosing our own Miss KUT and the title was given to Miss Neihlam Vaiphei and Pu Kamal Khosla was our KUT Pa of the year 2005. Also one important part of the celebration and a much valued tradition, Pu P. K. Telien led us again in a short session of the ever popular Li..Li..Li…Li…Li.. Ho…Ho..Ho…Ho..Ho. and this was followed by KUT Feast at 7:00

This year Gl. Chonminlien Gangte, Rev. Zamhao Haokip, Ng. Nenghoi Haokip and Ng. Neihlam Vaiphei & Nu. Tinnu Haokip took over the kitchen and worked really hard and cooked an amazingly delicious feast. We had Bongsa and Sijou POH, Ironba, Singzu, Pork and Chicken as our traditional feast.  As part of our KUT tradition in the UK, we had Lenkhom singing some popular numbers from Lathah Bu.

Then followed a little bit of serious business (Not really serious actually!), which was our annual KUT meeting about the next year. The Chairperson was Pi. Kim Telien and the Miss. Neihlam Vaiphei took the minutes of our meeting. We discussed a few important things including KUT 2006. Dr. Robert and Dr. Sharon Evans agreed to take over as the host for KUT 2006. So next year we hope to see you all in Birmingham.

The last part of our meeting was an election for the KUT celebration committee for 2006. This year, Pu. Tony Litt was elected as the Chairman; Gl. Chonminlien Gangte was re-elected as the Secretary and Pi. Sally Khosla was again elected as the treasurer. Gl. Chonminlien Gangte closed the meeting with a prayer and we continued some singing songs and some dancing. We also did the traditional Lam Koul, which was really enjoyable. Some of the people left after a while but the rest stayed on and continue the celebration till the next morning.
Yet again it was a successful gathering and always a pleasure to have a few guests joining in our celebration. I, on behalf on the KUT celebration Committee would like thank all the people who have put on their hard work to make this a grand celebration. Thank you all for coming and we would love to see you all again next year. We will of course keep you all informed about the venue again nearer the time. And for all the people who have made their contributions in one way or the other, May God bless you all in whatever you do. Also may this be a celebration, which will bind us together and give us a sense of unity and Love. God Bless.