2005 KUT celebration in the United States of America

Published on November 25, 2005

2005 KUT celebration in the United States of America

By Our Staff Reporter

November 25, 2005: The 2005 Kuki International Forum (KIF) Annual Meeting –cum- Chavang Kut celebration was wrapped up in Laurel, a suburb of Washington, D.C. The event, which brought the Kuki people together, is a moment of merrymaking and cultural importance. Friends and families across the United States of America converged at the venue for the two day event. The entire program was organized by the Kuki International Forum and hosted by Pu Paolen’s family.Kutters performing dance as they sing together

The program was moderated in two sessions – the first part largely captured speeches and unfolding the spirit of “KUT.” The participants were immensely mesmerized by Dr Chong Singsit’s PowerPoint presentation on “Science and the Bible” and the KUT PA’s (Chief Guest) detailed elaboration on the essence of the festival.

The session was also addressed by Vice-Chairman of the Chin National Front and President of the North American Manipuri Association. The later part was a combination of House Warming for the host family and other entertainments. Dr. T. Lunkim, who was KUT PA, said, “It is a misnomer to call the Suh-Tah Dance as “Bamboo Dance.”

The dance used to be performed by Kuki men warriors as a screening test before going to war. Anyone trapped or hurt during the dance was disqualified from going to the battle.” Today, we have abandoned the true meaning of KUT by encouraging beauty contest. KUT was the time when village businesses were discussed for the year, added the Chief Guest. A two minute silence was observed in remembrance of late Dr. Vumson.

The Annual Meeting of the KIF was held on the morning of the 25th November. The Forum leadership evaluated its bygone activities to strategize for its future course of action. A wide range of issues were deliberated to further the forum’s objectives and goals. Forum new leadership for the year 2006-2007 was also elected. At the end of the business meeting, an exclusive video interview was done with the Chief Guest which lasted more than an hour.

In the afternoon, amidst the chilling weather, a group of Kutters headed for sight seeing in the heart of D.C. Few popular sites such as Capitol Hill, Washington Monument and White House were visited. With the end of the 2005 meet, a new venue for the 2006 KUT celebration was announced to be in Tulsa, Oklahoma state.