We are marching on for our nation

Published on November 30, 2005

By Konkhogin Haokip


November 30, 2005


Father in heaven,  we adore You (2 times)
We praise Your name, for Your blessings
In Your name, we gather here
Grant us, fill with your Holy ghost. (2 times)

         We marching on for our nation
         Let Your glory shine upon us, (2 times)
         We kneel down, humbly pray for our nation…
         Lift up our nation, shine upon us (2 times)
         Let the world know our KUKI nation. (2 times)

Father in heaven, we give our best (2 times)
Hear our nation’s cry, in all the  world
Hear humble prayer, for our nation,
Grant us, peace unity and love. (2 times)

Sung by Mrs. Hevei (Carolyn) at the  Washington, DC  KUT celebration on November 24, 2005

Composed by Hagin Haokip  on November 17, 2005

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