Do I hide behind my age?

Published on December 16, 2005

By James Vaiphei

December 17, 2005: David was a young, purposeful child; a faithful child, and an example in word, conversation and in purity. When he heard about Goliath he said, “I can whip him; I can take him on.” So they took him to the king.  The king said to David “You are not able to go against this Philistine to fight” – why? – “because you’re a youth and he’s a man.” That’s what people always say: ‘you can’t do it because you’re a youth.’ I say to people: ‘the reason why you can do it is because you’re a youth.’ The world will tell you that you can’t do it because you’re a youth but God will tell you that you can because you are a youth.

David said “I’m a Shepard boy, I watch over my father’s sheep. One day as I was watching over the sheep a lion came and took one of my sheep, so I killed the lion. The way I killed the lion I will kill this Goliath.” Only God can make young people speak like this. God wants you to be like David; to boast in his ability, in his power, in his grace. When men failed, David did not fail. At the end of the day the story is David killed Goliath in spite of his age. You can kill every Goliath that stands in front of you. You don’t have to wait to grow older. Right here and right now you can take on any Goliath, cut off his head and praise the name of the Lord!

David is an example of a guy who represented government and authority; he was a king. But David didn’t start ruling when he got crowned. He started his preparation when he was a shepherd boy. In 1 Samuel 17, when he takes on the challenge that Goliath throws out, he goes in to see Saul who is the king. Saul says to him, ‘You can’t go out and fight this guy because you’ve got no experience.’ But David says, ‘Well actually, I have got some experience, I’ve been ruling, having authority over my sheep. Where things haven’t been going right I’ve sorted it, I’ve taken action, I’ve killed lions and bears.’ He had been ruling in that situation and he then was prepared to step up and take the challenge that Goliath threw down.

He wasn’t the king then but he fulfilled the role that the king should have taken. Ultimately he became King and then he continued to rule. The preparation started when he was out with the sheep, when no one was looking. He had something that was seen as quite a menial responsibility but he took it seriously and he prepared in it. That’s what God wants us to do in the schools. God wants to take you guys on the amazing things in your future; to be leaders in government; to be leaders in business; to be leaders in the church; to be people who influence society; but that starts right where we are. So it’s important that we grab our opportunities, and learn as much as we can, while we can.