The truth about TS Laijang kidnapping in India

Published on April 3, 2007

By Satkhokai Chongloi


April 3, 2007: The Fact Finding Team (FFT) comprised of Kuki Students’ Organization (KSO), Kuki Chief Association, Chandel District, and Kuki Movement for Human Rights had conducted a thorough investigation on the deportation of more than 400 Kukis from TS. Laijang village by UNLF.


The FFT had visited Moreh Refugee Camp where 497 deported villagers who sneaked back to Moreh from Myanmar are camping together. The team also interviewed those people in the camp and even to those people who were forced by the UNLF to give concocted statements about the deportation incidence. Subsequent report reveals the fact about kidnapping of 400 Kukis from TS. Laijang grouping Centre and were deported to Myanmar as true and undeniable. 


That, the villagers such as, (1) Yangngoulen, (2) Khengjang, (3) Molcham (4) T. Nampal (5) Khangtung (6) C. Gamnom (7) Joldam (8) Changpol and (9) Phaisan were grouped together at TS. Laijang for security reason since a section of 14 Mahars Regiments were camping at TS. Laijang village. However, 14 Mahars Regiments abandoned TS. Laijang on February 13, 2007 and left the fate of the Kukis at their own risk. On March 12, 2007, the Chiefs in their meeting discussed whether they could go back to their respective villages since it was time for cultivation.


Since the whole areas were filled with mines planted by UNLF they agreed to stay at TS. Laijang village till the whole areas were properly sanitized. Nevertheless, on March 13, 2007 at 05:30 AM, the UNLF militants numbering about 40 under the commands of Mr. Mangan, and Mr. Paokeh (Local people called him) escorted the 400 Kukis including women and children by force to Lallim/Namunta, Myanmar a one hour walking distance from TS. Laijang village located at the Myanmay Highway leading to Rangoon. While waiting for the Bus, the UNLF came into contact with the Myanmar Armies.


The eye witness captured villagers informed that the pistols and wireless Set of UNLF leaders were sized by the Myanmar Armies which were returned back after an agreement was reached between them. The abducted villagers were then loaded in two Buses and they were deported somewhere nearby villages and instructed them to settle there. The worst was that the two Buses could carry only Phaisan villagers and Khengjang villagers. The remaining villagers who were left behind after the two Buses were filled were left to their own fate at Lallim/Namunta, Myanmar.


The deported Kukis, feeling not secure and being scared of the situation who could not stay in Myanmar somehow managed to reach Moreh. The number of those people who sneaked back to Moreh reached 497. This headcount includes only those persons presently staying at Moreh Refugee Camp. The latest survey was done on March 23, 2007. NGOs such as, the Hill Tribal Council, Kuki Students Oragnization, Kuki Women Union on Human Rights and Churches in Moreh are providing them food and shelter.


The truth about the incident can no way be denied.The incident has been known worldwide through London based British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Washington, DC based Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Asia (RFA) who broadcasted the mass kidnapping incident on March 15, 16, 2007. The DC Chandel, ADC and SDPO Moreh affirmed the mass kidnapping and their efforts helped and sped up the return of those kidnapped villagers from Myanmar to Moreh that can never be insignificant.


Therefore, before any group or individual, nationals or internationals who may dare to deny the fact about this kidnapping incidence and deportation of Kukis to Myanmar may kindly visit to Moreh Relief Camp where those kidnapped and deported villagers and those people who were ordered by force to speak the dictated words to the media which was broadcast in the ISTV on March 20, 2007 are staying together at  Moreh Relief Camp and know the truth by themselves. The FFT will also provide interviewed video, documents and other related papers to people who is not satisfy with this report if necessary.