Will There Be No Sunshine?

Published on May 7, 2010

By Elizabeth Lhaineilhing

It appears the stars fell down from heaven
And fairies came with blessings
The night she was born:
There were fireworks and dancing,
Laughter echoed throughout the house
And no words compared the tears of joy
A golden girl is born

And her mama looks on and thought
'Will it be sunshine throughout, or will the stars fade from the skies?
Will she have all she desires, or be driven to choose things she didn’t understand?
Will things change for her girl or the same fate she herself endures?’

Smoke appears and the garbage reeks
None came bearing gifts,
The night she was born;
There was no firework or dancing
Only her mother’s painful scream
And few people shedding tears
No words allowed to be spoken
A little girl is born.

And her mama looks on and thought
‘Will there be no sunshine ever, and stars never appear again?
Will she be driven to choose things she didn’t understand, or
Have things that she desire'
Will things change for her little girl, or the same fate she herself endures?

Years roll by and the girls grew up
People call them fortunate to be born
Sunshine appears yet never for long;
Stars faded before they could catch,
Some desires they stood to gain,
But most things they never really understood,
Taught to obey rules of society

And the girls thought,
Why can’t it be that things change for me?
Must it be that I catch glimpses of everything, yet never held them in my hands?
Why do I feel they bestowed gifts grudgingly, make me believe in everything,
Set my dreams for me yet never let me question,
Does my mama face all of these and her mama before her?’

The writer completed her Master’s of Philosophy in sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University (India), specializing in new age religion.

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