KSOH Interview with Dr. H.H. Mate

Published on October 9, 2011

KSOH Interview with Dr. H.H. Mate

KSOH Interview with Dr. H.H. Mate 

Houlim Hemkholun Mate (H.H. Mate) is an eminent educationist, scientist and social worker. Kuki Students’ Organisation, Hyderabad, India (KSOH) interacted with him on his arrival to Hyderabad city to receive the “Mother Teresa Excellence Award” and the “Noble Son of India Award” from Shri Satyanarayana, the Social Welfare Minister of Andhra Pradesh on April 10, 2011. The awards were conferred to him by the ‘Integrated Council for Socio-Economic Progress’ in recognition of his outstanding achievements and noble contribution towards the overall progress of society. The story did not start or end with these two awards. Prior to this, Mate had been conferred about 30 awards and honours at the state, national and international level. He is also a recipient of the Gayan Jyoti Ratan Award & Gold Medal, awarded by Nations Economic for Health and Educational Growth (New Delhi) on May 30, 2011 at India Habitat Centre (New Delhi). He will also be conferred Rashtriya Shiksa Samman Puruskar & Gold medal in New Delhi on November 4, 2011, Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Award Bangalore on November 19, 2011 and the Asia Pacific Gold Star Award at Excelsior Creek Hotel, Dubai (United Arab Emirates) on November 19, 2011 by Global Achievers foundation.The interview will delve into themes that reflect his life, family, achievements, struggles, visions for society in an attempt to conjure up an image of a man full of life and probity.


Awards & Recognitions

H.H. Mate (right) receiving award in Hyderabad city

KSOH: KSO Hyderabad Branch wishes to convey our heartiest congratulations on the occasion of you being honoured with the “Mother Teresa Excellence Award” and the “Noble Son of India Award.”

H.H. Mate: Many thanks to KSOH for the warm welcome and felicitation on April 4, 2011 on the occasion of my receiving the Mother Teresa Excellence Award and the Noble Son of India Award.

KSOH: Can you tell us briefly about the two awards and what are the fields of achievements – in recognition of which, these awards have been conferred on you?

H.H. Mate: Truly speaking, the Mother Teresa Excellence Award was presented to me for excellence in my chosen field of activities such as education and social work besides moulding the lives of students/children in the field of education and helping the orphans and the needy. The Noble Son of India Award was presented to me for excellence in chosen field of activities such as literature & education, science & engineering and social work and for working with a noble heart and perseverance for the past 30 years for the progress of the nation.

KSOH: Over the years you have received various awards and honours not only at the national level but even from various reputed international organisations. How many awards/honours have you received till date and what are the fields of achievements for which you have been honoured with these awards?

H.H. Mate: So far, I have received 33 awards and honours. Of these, seven are international awards, 23 are national awards, and the other three are state and regional awards. These awards were presented to me due to my outstanding services, achievements, contributions and for enriching human lives and working for the nation’s progress in the field of literature & education, science & engineering and social work.

KSOH: Among the awards and recognitions you have received till date, which award meant the most to you – maybe the one you least expected and was the biggest surprise for you, and why?

H.H. Mate: Among the awards and recognitions I have received till date, the one which means the most to me is the “Glory of India Award & Gold Medal,” which was conferred to me on November 28, 1997 at Hotel Atria, Palace Road, Bangalore. This is because on that day my joy knew no bounds and tears dropped down from my eyes and I called to mind the love of God and praised Him deep in my heart. Internationally, the one that meant most to me was the “Pride of Indira Award & Gold Medal” which was conferred to me at Hotel Ritz-Carlton, Washington in 1998 during the fifth international conference. This is because I was considered to be the pride of Indira. This recognition of my noble works for the progress of the country came as a surprise considering my family conditions.

KSOH: Undoubtedly, the achievements and the honours you have received over the years are a matter of pride for our community in general and for our students in particular. Have you received any form of formal recognition or appreciation from our apex organisations like – Kuki Inpi, KSO, etc?

H.H. Mate:Yes, I received formal recognitions and appreciation form KSO (Churachandpur) in 2001, but I have not received formal recognitions from our apex organisations like Kuki Inpi (Manipur) and KSO (General Headquarters) till date. In this case, I am not disappointed at all; instead, I appreciate the apex bodies for not recognising me and not disturbing me in my work for the nation’s progress. They heard about the awards being conferred to me but they did not know why and how these things came to me. This shows that we are lacking in exhortations/encouragements in our society and lagging behind others.


Background & Work

H.H. Mate with some of his awards

H.H. Mate with some of his awards

KSOH: Your academic achievements are as impressive as your awards and honours. Please tell us briefly about the various research work and publications you have made till date?

H.H. Mate: The various research works taken up by me since 1988 till date are listed below:

1) Theory of Visual Telephone

2) Medical Electronics & Its Impacts

3) Television Antennae Action

4) Television Working Technology

5) Television Transmitter and Receiver Antennae

6) Microwave Engineering and Its Prospects

7) Radio Broadcasting System in Manipur

8) Guide to Satellite Television Reception

9) Television Antennae System

10) Integrated Computer Aided Design & Compute Aided Manufacture

11) Computer in Bio-medical Research & Instrumentation

12) Telecommunication System Engineering

13) Radio Broadcasting System in India

14) Trend of New Communication Technology

15) Growth and Development of Internet

16) Development in Communication Techniques

17) Prospect of Electronics Industry in India

18) Development & Crisis in Research

19) Television Telecasting Technology

20) Prospect of LASERS in India

21) Development of MASERS in India

22) X-Ray in Medical Sciences


The books written/authored and published by me since 1989 are also listed below:

1) Advances and Development of Science & Technology

2) Computer and the Modern World

3) The Threshold of Education

4) Television Transmitter and Receiver System

5) The Seasonal Inputs and Outputs

6) Television Antennae Systems

7) The Secret of My Success in Education

8) Sunggil Kiel Kahipoi

9) Chung Pathen Laitan Kahi

10) Lungjinna Meipi

11) Genthei Thoh a Kahollaijin

12) Gaova Thimlu Guilhung Ho

13) Chin, Kuki, Mizo (Mannasi) Thusim

Some of my research papers are also published in the monthly Electronics Research Journal published in India since 1989 onwards.

KSOH: Besides running the school, what is currently keeping you occupied and is there any work/masterpiece of yours that we can look forward to in the near future?

H. H. Mate: Even if I founded the school namely Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Foundation School and run this school as the Principal and Secretary, I have not ceased to do my other works. I have been always writing articles on different issues for contribution to newspapers besides carrying on my research work on how to develop the children who are going to be future pillars of the nation so that others can look forward in the near future.

KSOH: Please tell us about your academic background and what inspired/motivated you to pursue a career in research?

H.H. Mate: It was in 1974 that I studied Class VIII and passed the final examination in first division. The next year, I was supposed to study class IX. But one day, an instinctive point came to my mind and that awaken me to pursue my studies properly. So, I got myself re-admitted to Class V and made my academic background brighter and excellent. My performance in the high schools, colleges and university inspired me to pursue a career in research.

KSOH: If you were to go back in history, would you still choose the same career path that you have chosen today? Why or why not? Also, what would be your advice to students planning to pursue a career in research?

H.H. Mate: If I were to go back in history, I would still choose the same career path that I have chosen today because through research work, one can find out innovative ideas and ways and means for improvement and development of the people and country for the present and the next generation.

My advice to students planning to pursue a career in research is to give their best in terms of knowledge, wisdom and skill to the world so that the best will come back to them. For this, students are to be well disciplined and should have perseverance to accomplish great tasks for the nation.


Education & Development

KSOH: Almost all your writings echo your concern for our society. Can you please tell us your visions for our society and what, in your opinion, are the initiatives or the first baby-steps that we need to take for our society to move towards that vision?

H.H. Mate: Yes, all my writings echo the concern for our society. My vision for our society, in my point of view, is to be faithful to our leadership and to take initiatives in doing good things in good faith so as to earn the grace of God whom we worship. In as much as most of our social leaders love the seamy side of life, leading the masses with lip service, our society is now broken into pieces. These awkward manners of our leaders should be rectified soon and new changes should be brought forth for the welfare of our society at present and for the near future.

KSOH: “Education is the premise of progress, in every family, in every society.” Do you think we have succeeded in doing so?

H.H. Mate: Never, we are the readers of books not the educated ones. We know that education is the process of teaching, learning and exploring. It is a drawing out, not a putting in. For someone who understands the goal of education and the objectives of education, education is the premise of progress for the nation and the country. But in our family and society, hardly 20 percent of the people succeeded in doing so. That is why, we are unable to reach our destination in every field.

KSOH: We have come a long way, but a mere observation of the best professional colleges as well as research institutes in the country shows that our representation is still very low in most of the best educational institutes in the country. What in your opinion could be the reasons for this – lack of capabilities? Lack of awareness? Lack of role models?

H.H. Mate: Yes, our representation is still very low in most of the best educational institutions of our country. This, in my opinion, is due to lack of capabilities, lack of awareness, and lack of role models besides lack of labour and concentration. We want to excel others and like to shine in life but we refuse to do difficult task to achieve great tasks. What is needed in our society is united action.

KSOH: Can our various apex organisations and especially the student organisations like KSO play a bigger role? If so, what kind of roles would you like to see them perform?

H.H. Mate: Only to some extent. The role played by our apex bodies like Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM) and Kuki Students Organisation (KSO) are still meagre. They have more roles to play in our society for our transformation and reformation educationally, spiritually and traditionally. I want KIM and KSO to be in touch with the public and students and organise seminars and workshops for the people and other activities for the development of our society so that there will be changes and progress in our society.

KSOH: We are really happy to witness the achievements and the honours that are being conferred on an alumnus of ours. Do you have any special message or word of advice to our students who are here in the city?

H.H. Mate: Yes, I have special message or words of advice to our students who are in the city or cities. I would like to advise them to live exemplary lives and to be faithful and work very hard so as to bring fame, honour and appreciation for our people and society. They are further advised not to indulge in intoxicant things. They should refrain from all evils as to human beings. Keep in mind that they are sent to bear fruits, not to return home empty handed. It is the hope of their parents and their people.

KSOH: Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts with us. We congratulate you once again and wish you the very best in all your future endeavours. We also look forward to welcoming you in the city soon again!

H.H. Mate: I thank the executive members of KSOH for the appreciation and best wishes. May God bring us together again in Hyderabad!

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