Say sorry for raid on chief’s house: Zomi outfit to Assam Rifles

Published on July 5, 2013

TNN Jul 5, 2013

IMPHAL: The Zomi Re-unification Organization (ZRO), which is in a suspension of operation (SoO) agreement with the government, has demanded an apology from the Assam Rifles for raiding its president’s residence in Churachandpur. The ZRO is the political wing of the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA).

Around 20 personnel, suspected to be from the paramilitary force’s 30 battalion, raided the residence of Zomi rebel chief Thanliampau Guite at Dorcas Veng in Churachandpur district headquarters on Wednesday, sources said, adding that the troops entered the house from the backgate.

The men, some of whom were wearing masks, ransacked the furniture and damaged a computer, the sources said. The suspected AR personnel took away the mobile phones of all the family members before carrying out the hour-long raid.

When the masked men could not find any illegal documents, they left the house after forcing four family members, including Thanliampau’s son, to put their signatures on a blank paper, the sources said. They returned the mobile phones before leaving.

The ZRO president was at the outfit’s headquarters in Songtal village when the incident took place.

The ZRO is among 20 Kuki militant groups that are signatories to the ongoing tripartite ceasefire agreement (Soo) between the Kuki groups, the state government and the Centre.

The outfit demanded that the 30 battalion of AR clarify and apologize to the ZRO for their act, said the statement. “If the security forces are not interested in peace and tranquility, let their stand be loud and clear,” it said.

Assam Rifles officers were unavailable for comments.

Source: Times of India

Note: The ZRO chief Thang Lian Pau (the correct spelling) is a Myanmar national and an elected Member of Parliament from Chin State in the 1990 general elections.

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