A book on Myanmar by Kipgen set for release in April 2014

Published on December 16, 2013

A book titled “Democracy Movement in Myanmar: Challenges and Problems” is scheduled for release in April 2014. The book, which discusses the different aspects of Myanmar’s democracy movement, is to be published by COPAL Publishing in India.

In her foreword, Priscilla Clapp, former United States Charge d’Affaires in Burma from 1999 to 2002, writes, “Nehginpao Kipgen provides an invaluable resource for those seeking a quick, comprehensive introduction to the complex issues involved in Myanmar’s democratic transition and its relations with the rest of the world. A prolific writer, the author has for several years chronicled the progress of Myanmar’s democracy movement with a series of trenchant essays, which provide the reader with a great variety of perspectives on the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls the country faces, not only with its internal situation, but also in its relations with the international community. Everyone with an interest in Myanmar’s political transition would be well advised to add this book to his or her reading list.”

A brief outline of the book and its front page cover is posted in the publisher’s website at http://www.copalpublishing.com/Book.aspx?bid=16. The book will be available for online purchase from the publisher’s website, as well as www.amazon.com.

The author, Nehginpao Kipgen, is a political scientist and general secretary of the US-based Kuki International Forum. His academic research focuses on the politics of South and Southeast Asia, with a concentration on Burma/Myanmar.

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