An Act of Madness in Manipur

Published on May 15, 2015

By Hejang Misao

The saddest thing is we allow ourselves to be governed by the action of a handful of unruly people. This poses the greatest threat to our unity in diversity.

Men’s madness have vitiated our environment of mutual trust and sullied the bond of love. It has turned our beautiful land into a bloody field. The Mapao khullen incident was a sheer act of madness in the name of revolutionary movement. Had the so-called revolutionary front have a revolutionary philosophy and principles, such ugly incideny would not occur.

True may be the allegation level against the persons killed that they were members of another underground group but what crime did they committed that they be given such extreme punishment? Whatever the case it may be, taking the law into one’s own hands without any consideration for human rights and the feeling of others is by no means acceptable.

What is more disturbing was another act of madness by the unruly mass of the valley who, in an act of vengeance, took the law into their own hands again and committed the same madness to the innocent people who were on their normal business schedule – beating to death and then arson their vehicles. The unfortunate thing is the murder of two labourers was construed as an act of targeting one community by another and the failure to accept it as an isolated criminal case committed by the militants of Kuki Revolutionary Front (KRF).

What if in retaliation the same madness is again committed to other innocent persons by the other community? No doubt our land will plunge into civil war – using the best weapons that we have to smear ourselves with our own brothers and sisters’ blood.

What benefit do we think our madness will fetch? Let me leave this question to the people who went haywire and caused irreparable damages to one’s life and shaken the mechanism of trust among communities.

Thanks for the action taken in the nick of time by the state police forces that raided and nabbed the first culprits. But what about the second culprits who committed the same blunder? Are we to let them go scot free? The government and its law enforcing agencies need to take equal action as per the existing law without any room for bias and prejudice. If not our law enforcement system will become a mockery and shame.

The underlining question here is every miscalculated action has the highest tendency to turn communal. Whose doing is this? The so-called revolutionary groups? The government? Our system? Or should we point our fingers to the onslaught of globalization? What is being observed so far is the common people, doing away with division on tribes/communities, are like a sheep wanting to pasture and flock together in love.

A small spark caused by such people, in no time, burn the whole state like a wildfire that has far reaching effects and affects.

Nobody will gain out of all this madness. Wake up my people. Let us be watchful and not fall easy prey to such sinister plot of forces/elements design to put the very fabric of our society asunder. Whether to give space to such destructive force or let peace takes its chance – the choice is ours.

The writer is a social activist working with DKA-Austrian project (the development cooperation agency of Katholische Jungschar – the Catholic Children’s Movement of Austria), coordinating Northeast India. He is also the founder of an organization called InSIDE-northeast. He can be reached at

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