Chavang Kut 2015: Celebration of Brotherhood

Published on October 27, 2015

Chavang Kut 2015
Celebration of Brotherhood

30 October – 1 November
Peace Ground, Tuibuong, Churachandpur, Manipur, India


The 2015 Chavang Kut is a landmark and historic event that celebrate the coming together of forty three brethrens who have since long been separated over centuries across different lands and countries. The unseen hand of God and the bond of brotherhood has brought them together to oneness as the children of Manasseh.

May the Lord belss and keep us. May the Lord make his face to shine upon the forty three brethren and be gracious unto us. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon us and give us peace and oneness that is everlasting from now and forever.

1. Kuki 2. Mizo 3. Kachin 4. Chin 5. Karbi 6. Zeliangrong 7. Kachari 8. Bodo 9. Konyak 10. Singpho 11. Heimi 12. Somra Kuki 13. Para 14. Makury 15. Lainau 16. Noaw 17. Phom 18. Yimchunger 19. Khiamniungan 20. Upper Chindwin Shan 21. Tagin 22. Mishing 23. Miji 24. Adi 25. Nocte 26. Wancho 27. Apatani 28. Bugun 29. Misi 30. Padam 31. Sherdukpen 32. Tani 33. Khamba 34. Khamti 35. Lishpa 36. Memba 37. Milang 38. Mishmi 39. Monpa 40. Nyishi 41. Sangkhen 42. Tangsa 43. Zekhring

Day 1

The Chavang Kut Committee salutes the 9 Martyrs for the highest sacrifice they made for us and our land

Programme in Honor of the 9 Martyrs by Delegates

30 October
Place: Morgue, District Hospital, Ccpur
Time: 10:00 AM onwards

* Master of Ceremony: Mr. Hejang Misao
* Invocation Prayer: Rev. Lunkhongam, KCLF
* Special No. : “Lhang a sam ui” Ode to the 9 Martyrs by P.S Haokip, Perform by Jeff Akai
* Condolence to the 9 Martyrs: Delegates
* Special No. : “Gam le Nam adia” by P.S Haokip, Perform by Mrs. & Mr. Mangneo Lhungdim
* Message: Rt. Rev. Bishop Ginkhanmung, MELC
* Closing Prayer: Rev. L.B. Angam E.D. ECCI
Unveiling of commemoration monument by Pu P.S. Haokip and special number from Zale’n-gam choir (Manasseh Chate)

30 October | Peace Ground, CCPur @ 12 noon

Master of Ceremony: Mr. Hejang Misao & Ms. Angella Touthang
Special No. : Zale’n-gam choir
Dedication Prayer: Rev. Chomlhun
Welcome Speech: Dr. Seilen Haokip
Introduction & Presentation to Delegates : Pu T.S. Haokip, Secretary, Chavang Kut Committee
Special No. : Michael Luncha (Kuki PM)
Message: Pu P.S Haokip
Special No. : Zale’n-Gam choir
Traditional Song: Pu Phomnok Phom, V/P Phom People’s Council, Dimapur
Speech: S.Mandip Konyak, President Konyak Union, Nagaland
Special No. : Lenchung Haokip
Cultural Dances: i) Manasseh Cultural Troupe
ii) Mizo Cultural Troupe
iii) Karbi, Zou and VIPs
Closing Prayer: Rev. Kim Singson, Church of Nazarene

Day 2

31 October
Peace Ground, CCPur @ 10:30 AM onwards

* Master of Ceremony: Mr. Paul Haokip & Ms. Angella Touthang
* Opening Prayer: Rev. Dr. Holngam Haokip, KBC
* Special No. : Zale’n-Gam choir
* Speech : Rev. Chomlhun
* Special No. : Ms. Vahneihat Kipgen
* Special No. : Ms. Bliss Lhingboi & Mr. James Arjun
* Cultural Dances: 1. Mishing
2. Konyak
3. Kamniungan
4. Yimchunger
5. Lamhil Cultural Troupe
* Special No. : Ms. Chinngaihlun
* Special No. : Mr. Muan Hangzou
* Special No. : Zale’n-Gam Choir
* Closing Prayer: Rev. Thangjakap Chongloi, ECA
Games & Sports | 1:30 PM onwards
to be conducted by Games & Sports Committee

Items: Kangkap, Kangchoi, Suhhe, Suhkho, Kangtalai, Sielkal, Gothei Tuipoh, Thalpi Kap, Songse, Khau kiloito, Baikeng

Day 3

1 November
Peace Ground, CCPur @ 10:30 AM onwards

* Master of Ceremony: Mr. Hejang Misao & Ms. Hatneikim
* Opening Prayer: Rev. Dr. S. Chongloi
* Special No. : Zale’n-Gam Choir
* Souvenir Release Program:
Brief speech by the editor Dr. Chinkholal Thangsing and released by Pu Thangkhosei Haokip, President KIM
* Special No. : Ms. Christina Shakum
* Cultural Dance: 1. Tripura Kuki
2. Teddim Chin
3. Kom Cultural Troupe
4. Singpho Kachin
* Special No. : Mr. Ruata Darlong
* Special No. : Mr. Michael Luncha Kipgen
* Speech: Pu P.S Haokip, President KNO
* Special No. : Mr. Muan Hangzou
* Special No. : Ms. Lalropui
* Mass Dance: Led by Singpho Kachin
* Special No. : Zale’n-Gam Choir
* Vote of thanks: Dr. Chinkholal Thangsing
* Benediction: Evan. Hnamtinkhum

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