About KIF

The Kuki International Forum engages in research, writing and publications on issues pertaining to South Asia and Southeast Asia, with India and Myanmar (Burma) in particular.


The Kuki International Forum (KIF) is a common platform for all the Kukis around the world to make one voice and stand together as fraternal brethren for the preservation and promotion of history, culture and identity of the Kuki people.

It has been set up to resuscitate the forgotten heroic deeds of the Kukis, prior to the British annexation on the frontiers of Northeast India and Northwest Burma.

With the felt need of resuscitating and resurrecting the history of Kuki, a ‘Synergetic Kuki Symposium’ was held from December 29-30, 2002 in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA), which gave birth to the KIF.

The main purposes of forming the forum are painstakingly deliberated. The forum objectives are conglomerated in four main points.

(i) To safeguard and promote the cultural heritages of the Kukis around the world.

(ii) To uphold peaceful co-existence and mutual understanding with other nations.

(iii) To educate and preserve the Kuki national identity.

(iv) To represent the issues of the Kukis.


The logo incorporates three symbols – the gong, the horns of a mithun, and guns – which have been an intrinsic part of the culture and tradition of the Kuki people.

December 30, 2002